Laura Hughes

Drama Romance


Laura Hughes

Drama Romance

I Love You

I Love You

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I love you for many reasons, each one of them are true.

So I decided to write some down, and share a few with you.

I love the way you sought me out, after many years had passed,

Twenty Two years it has been, since I had seen you last.

You opened your heart to me, while you were sad and blue.

You showed me a side I’d never seen, you showed me the real you.

I love how you trusted me with your heart, so then I gave you mine,

You stirred up this feeling, I thought I left behind.

I love you for coming to see me the minute I was there,

You took a chance to prove to me that you really cared.

I love the way you touched me, you set my heart on fire.

A red flame so hot, that filled me with desire.

You make sweet love to me, to show me how you feel.

It was at that moment that I knew your love for me was real.

I’m so in love with you, I can’t tell you this enough.

I’ll love you truly until the end of time, even when times get rough.

I love everything about you, and everyone you love.

Were you sent to me for a reason? Maybe my gift from above.

So know each passing day, my love continues to grow.

When we finally are together, I’ll never let you go.

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