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Laura Hughes

Drama Romance


Laura Hughes

Drama Romance

You Lost Your Place

You Lost Your Place

2 mins

I finally realized, I finally see,

That it will never be you and me.

How can you say we’re together,

If you still live with her?

You said you would leave, but never did,

You say you stay because of your kids.

I don’t believe that, I know that’s not true,

You say it’s her, but I think it’s you.

You are the one that tells her lies,

You told her that you told me goodbye.

But you still call me every day,

I’m the one you love, you say.

It isn’t love, maybe it’s lust,

You broke my heart, you broke my trust.

If you loved me, if you cared,

You would be here with me,

And not there.

I know now, we will never be,

I know I’m not the one you need.

I’m done with your lies, I’m done playing the game,

You said things would be different, but it remains the same.

Why don’t you just let me go?

Why keep me around?

I have to know.

Does this make you laugh, is this fun?

Just walk away, no you better run!

I can’t stand how you make me look like a fool,

It’s not a joke, it’s down right cruel.

This relationship is over, it has to end,

I can’t be your lover, and I don’t want to be friends.

Now I’m taking back my heart,

You said you would cherish it, but you tore it apart.

I never want to see your handsome face,

Now, In my life, you have lost your place.

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