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Linu Job Gaurav



Linu Job Gaurav


Open Skies​

Open Skies​

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I am fortunate, I know

No complaints there.

The comfort of living,

And the necessities,

A clear paradox of privilege.

So, what more do I need?

A view? I got one though.

Engagement, interaction? Aye, that too.

But, I miss something these days, for sure.

What exactly? Is the question I asked myself too.

I racked my brains and even asked around.

Researched and searched,

All within the four walls.

And one day, I decided to step out.

Out of my haven, and there it was,

The answer I sought so desperately.

It struck me then, the thing I missed,

Was the freedom of choice.

The choice to move around,

The choice of freely going places,

And most of all the choice of seeing,

The unfettered and uninterrupted,

Open skies.

Blues neither lined by cables,

Nor bordered by concrete.

Little did I know,

That while my mind wandered,

My eyes sought those little pleasures,

And its the love affair with nature.

That my nomadic heart and the wandering soul,

Sought a life where choices were mine,

And the burden mine too.

And where the freedom,

To wander under the open skies,

Wasn’t a choice that needed reflexion.

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