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Vasundhara Chaudhary



Vasundhara Chaudhary




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The epitome of tenderness and love

Right from putting me to sleep in my cradle

You have always wrapped me in the warmth of your love

With all the wise greyness and wrinkles of fret

Yes, grandma! You are my world, my infinity.

Never has your joyful face greeted me without surprises

Your lap provided me enough treasure and peace to go back to the war of life

My life without you is incomplete; 'I' without 'you' is incomplete

God's provided me with beautiful relations

But our bond of friendship stretches far beyond this world

All our confrontations ultimately strengthen this bond

Your selflessness and love teach me all the great lessons of life

Before all my exams you have worried more than me

You fill joy in all my achievements

You have given me more than what I deserve

You have devoted yourself to me for no profit of self

You have been the first one to call and enquire

You know how I feel each moment

From concepts of chemistry to philosophy, concepts of this universe and beyond.....

You mean everything to me, EVERYTHING.

"The vastness of the ocean cannot measure the vastness of your love."

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