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Laughter reached my ears

From a far off place.

There was a charm

In those peels of laughter

Which acted as a magnet.

I wandered in search

Of the joyous echo.

A long journey it was,

But worth all the wait.

That laughter was near,

I could hear

A pleasant voice along.

My search ended before a house

On a grassy ground.

I looked through the window

And my heart soared to see the sight.

A baby was laughing.

Her aura full of happiness and light.

She was not alone;

A hand was holding her,

Gentle and loving.

I recognized that hand;

It was mine.

I saw myself leaning on his shoulder.

My soulmate, my love was there.

He whispered something in her ears,

Her eyes shone bright.

Laughter filled that room,

But I wanted to cry.

There it was, behind the window:

A family of my dreams.

A family that could be.

A family of my own.

That sight didn't last long.

I felt myself engulfed in darkness.

Gone were the laughter,

The room, the grassy ground.

I didn't want to see anymore,

The pain was unbearable.

I screamed and open my eyes.

There was no window,

Only a cold bed I was lying on,


Tears trickled down my cheeks,

Soaking my pillow.

Twice I saw that dream,

And twice it was gone.

Now, I don't fancy such dreams.

They only make me feel weak.

I hide my hopes and dreams

And my nightmares

Between the lines of my poetry.

There is no one to understand them,

But I don't care.

Life goes on,

Even if no one is there

To hold you when you cry,

To share your joys,

To say "I love you!",

To say "Don't worry. I am there."

Life goes on.

Yet, on days when

I hear a baby's laughter,

It reminds me of

A familiar sight.

It stirs my heart and makes me long

For that dream to come true,

I try to forget every night.

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