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Gagan Pathre

Crime Thriller Others


Gagan Pathre

Crime Thriller Others

Don't Trust Ellie

Don't Trust Ellie

2 mins

The door fled open and Ellie entered the bathroom

With blood dripping off of her fingertips

She reached for the sink and turned on the tap 

Where the hands began to lose the color along with the tears of guilt.

She stared at herself in the mirror

Her reflection declares her a killer

The sound of water blends in with her thoughts where she was found

As the world begins to spin around.

She felt dizzy and realized that she was still at the door

With blood firmly stuck to her skin

And all that she saw happening was her intentions

While her feets being stuffed to the floor.

She reached for the basin to separate herself

From the color that she painted on her hands

But all of a sudden a stranger stepped in

And witnessed something she had never seen.

While the water from the tap kept streaming

And Ellie's eyes in fear locked with the stranger girl's

Ellie tried to explain the situation but the girl made up her mind

As she descends her hands into the bag and dials 911 on her mobile.

Now, Ellie is being forced by her bad luck to break another record

Before the girl's phone establishes the connection

Ellie picks out the same knife from her previous relation

And stabs it into the girl's neck before letting out her last words.

The girl's lying in a puddle of blood

At her left side of the neck stays the knife

Ellie contemplates the scene she can create

To make it clean and nice.

And at that moment, the phone lying on the floor rings

Ellie accepts the call, it's the officer on the other side

He asked her to confirm if there is an emergency

But she cuts him and states that she is at the site and it seems like a suicide.

The officer collects the details from her

While she washes her existence

And then Ellie grins at herself in the mirror

Before leaving where her crime stands.

She watches the policemen rushing by her side

She wears her glasses and sprinkles the perfume

The sirens echoing with the red-blue lights

She wasn't suspected is what she assumed.

But the first guilt on her hands 

The fear of being a felon inside

Holds her a big regret in her memory

That the blood was mine.

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