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Navjot Rai

Crime Tragedy


Navjot Rai

Crime Tragedy

Mom I Loved You

Mom I Loved You

3 mins

Every Mother Is A Child Before She Is Born . . .

They don't know I can hear them,

As they argue once again.

My Mom and Dad are yelling, saying, 'what if it's a sin?'

I hear my Dad pacing, as he walks across the room,

But, I am safe and cosy here inside my Mother's womb.

In four more months, I'm going to see, the look upon their face,

But, now I am still growing, as I look Around this place.

I have all my fingers, and I see all of my toes,

The water in which I float squishes between my toes and fingers I think that I am perfect, as my little Body grows.

They don't know I'm a little girl, I hope they are surprised,

I can't wait to see the happy look and the naughty gleam that's in their eyes.

I know that I have sisters, and I know I have a brother,

I wonder what they meant by, 'we just can't afford another.'

I hear my Daddy saying, 'the appointment is tomorrow.'

Then he walked out and all I'm feeling now is Mommy's sorrow.

It's late as I can feel my Mommy crawling into bed.

I wonder why she's crying, as I feel her pat my head.

Oh well, it's time to go to sleep, she's laying on her back.

I feel so comfortable tonight, I don't think I'll attack.

Sometimes when she is on her back, it doesn't feel quite right,

And sometimes all that I can do is toss and turn all night.

But I am comfortable tonight, so I will get some sleep, And as I slowly close my eyes, I hear my Mother weep. Then suddenly I hear my Dad say, 'wake up sleepy head,

We're getting late, so get out of bed.'

It is early morning, and I slept all through the night,

But now I feel my Mother tensing, something isn't right.

I hear my Daddy saying, 'time to get that baby out,'

And now I become worried, as I hear my Mother shout.

I must have been mistaken, and I must have counted wrong,

Could it already be nine months?

It didn't seem that long. I've heard them talk "cesarean" my brother came that way,

If that is how I will be born, this is my lucky day.

Now I hear more voices, of a doctor and a nurse,

But, wait a minute, I feel pain and it is getting worse.

What is going on, I want to see my Mom and Dad,

But all I feel is pain and it is really getting bad.

I'm starting to get woozy, I hope this is over soon,

I see the light as I am being dragged out from the womb.

I'm losing strength, I can't go on, my body is so weak,

And now there's nothing left to do, so I drift off to sleep.

Then suddenly I am awake, now what's that beating sound,

I do not see my Mom and Dad, they're no where to be found.

The pain is gone, and I feel like I'm flying through the air,

And I am in the arms of someone, that must really care.

I feel the tender arms I'm in, and I feel so much love,

And then I realise, they are the angels from above.

My mind is so confused, and all my thoughts need to be sorted,

But then I understand, when one of them whispers, "aborted."

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