Don't Crush It!

Don't Crush It!

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I'm scared to look into your eyes

While talking to you

'Cause they make me forget

What we were talking about,

Was it important? I don't think so,

So I'll just look into your eyes

And won't realise when I've come closer to you.

I'm scared you'll think I'm some creep,

So I throw a goodbye and run as fast as I can.

I'm so scared to text you late at night

'Cause it's the time I tend to confess:

When we sit together, I look at your hand,

And wish to slip my fingers between the gaps of yours,

When we're about to leave each other's company

You look at me in a way that makes me kiss you instead of saying bye

And while I type all this, you send Goodnight,

I'm saved from the blunder, I press the backspace key.

All night I stay up, snuggled up with my quilt,

Pretending it's you, I hug it tight and sleep,

Dreaming of a day

When all this I finally say

To you

Without afraid of you thinking I'm a creep.

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