Abhik Sarkar

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational


Abhik Sarkar

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational

Death Of A Man

Death Of A Man

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HE was a man with so many dreams

Dreams that now await to be true

Smile that could win any heart

And eyes bright as light

He was a man of craft and the cosmos

Who wished to soar high in the sky

His work touched so many

Whenever he graced the screens

For they could see themselves in him

He was a man just like any

And not a star under limelight

He was a man so kind

Too good for us

Too good for this world

And now that he’s lost

We can only cherish 

The memories he leaves behind

Along with the pain

But we shall not mourn

The death of a star

For he was more than that

It was the death of a man

That shall be remembered

Now and always

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