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Priti Bhombe


Daughter Of Shadow And Storm

Daughter Of Shadow And Storm

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Always bullied for her dark complexion, she buried herself deep in the sky. 

She wished to see or meet no one, not even a single passerby

But one night came a warrior who rode a magnificent white horse

His face shown so bright, just like chiseled from glass

She fell in love at his first glance, 

Forgetting all the bullies and taunts

He talked with her about far of lands 

Beautiful castles and golden sands

So one day she confessed her love and expected him to reciprocate 

But felt like he had begun to hesitate 

Instead he mentioned that it was time to go

His people and countrymen would be waiting you know

She said that she could forever wait

For him to return to take her as the queen of his state

He just kept quite and avoided her gaze 

And slowly rode away and disappeared in the blue haze

She waited for months which turned into years

Her face becoming darker which blackened her tears

The clouds becoming heavy with her leading heart

She traveled to the far off land 

Of beautiful castles and golden sand

And there she saw her warrior with a fair one

Enjoying the sunny beaches having too much fun 

Unleashing all her grief and wrath buried in her heart

The heavy clouds gathered unleashing a fearful storm

Washing away everything from the land

The kingdom reduced to dust and sand

And then the warrior saw her in the darkened sky

That's when he realized the reason for the darkest clouds in the sky

But till then he realized his end was near 

He lay there with open eyes and tears

And then this daughter of shadow and storm

Came to him and restored her calm

She too lay down near her beloved warrior

Promising to meet him beyond the darkness of the universe...

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