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Rupinder Sandhu

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Rupinder Sandhu

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Austerities At Hemkunt

Austerities At Hemkunt

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The child with whose birth Patna has been graced,

His previous life at Hemkunt in austerities is traced.

‘Bachitr Natak’ by him mentions it's a first-hand account,

For ages, he practiced austerities of severely high amounts.

In Uttrakhand's district, Chamoli are hills seven,

In that valley, flowers of unparalleled beauty blossom.

Gobind Ghat is on Rishikesh Badriath highway,

Then you have to go on foot high up all the way.

Its fifteen thousand and two hundred feet above the sea level,

The last part of its passage is long and narrow, difficult to travel.

Ascetic Dusht Daman lived then in this cold place,

He was born as Gobind at Patna by God's grace.

Towards west from Badrinath - the place of pilgrimage,

At high mountains is an extensive ground with a lake.

This lake surrounded by seven peaks seems like heaven,

In Satyuga, Saptrishis led austere life here as ascetics seven.

In Dawaper, Pando Raj opted for austere life there,

Braham Rishies also practiced austerities here.

Thin built Rishi Dusht Daman lived in a cave here,

He bathed in a lake, focused on God, had no other care.

With Almighty God, this Rishi had become one,

With austerities, his ego and self had been won.

At the same time Guru Teg Bahadur and Gujri- the mother,

Both were deeply absorbed in austerities and prayer.

Almighty declared Dusht Daman his son and ordained,

Go to the world, punish evildoers, save religion and the pained.

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