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It, could just be in mocking jest,

A few words were spoken in vain,

Or simply having to wait a while;

Or even a child’s simple smile

No reason more than these,

And all reason fades away;

Every color I see before me,

I want to burn into ashes grey.

My world is a tinderbox:

Into flames, explode it must,

Everything I create, converts

Into an inferno; flames and dust!

I look into the future

And see fire all around;

Why with tender care to nurture,

Though now all is safe and sound.

I have known myself, not to trust myself;

Anything can be the spark,

That sets the raging flames of anger,

Burning me into despair dark

So I dare not reveal myself;

I live inside a shell.

That I may not destroy

Someone else’s life as well!

I don’t know why I am this way,

The reason I could not glean;

But in my rage; I lose control:

And say what I don’t mean.

Many have tried to help me;

Now they simply mourn.

Rightly has the world forsaken me.

Now I burn alone.

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