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Why Do The Worthless......

Why Do The Worthless......

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All tales have an end,

They can’t become stories, without one.

Not unnatural, I know, some will make you mend,

Your attitude, which no good, till now has done.

Leave aside a few;

Those that are content,

To the rest, I speak-

“Why are you afraid, why pretend?”

In tones of wonder I ask,

Why does man fear,

To lose a life, which to him is very dear?

Why in this momentary, artificial,

World, does he want to bask?

I know most have no hope,

For now, I stand as one of them.

Oh! Disappointed, do not in darkness grope,

Let the goodness in your soul, sparkle like a gem.

Only the extraordinary,

Or perhaps a few blessed ordinary mortals,

Who in this world of make-believe and hypocrisy,

Have lived a life exemplary;

Only those worthwhile few;

The rest never knew,

They are, as I am,

In whom,

The fear of death grew.

But why fear, when you know-

The death-the true worth of your life-it will show.

Termination, it is of life’s duplicity,

Double lives lived, with false motives,

Such lives; the living, I pity!

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