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An Eternity

An Eternity

1 min

You didn't tell me

That you were leaving today?

Wanted to talk to you, a long call

Hari, is not keeping well, you know?

Amma's cough is troubling her

Wish you were here with us

No, me, me!

Postman uncle gave me the gift

You sent me

Have bought a saree with it

Will wear it today.

You remember don't you

The day you first came home

Decked in your best?

Soft shehnai announced your arrival

There were lights all around

You garlanded me

I did too, the same

Then when you applied the vermilion

More than my forehead

My nose turned red

You winked, I saw your wicked smile

I blushed

My whole being turned crimson that moment.

But, but my call, went unanswered today

You didn't pick up the call

Why? What happened?

Did you find someone better than me?

No you didn't, I suppose

Postman uncle and some others

Have come home now

They say, you are no more

What nonsense are they saying?

You spoke to me two days back

You said, you will come home for Holi

You said that, didn't you?

You didn't keep your promise

But I'll wait

Will keep my end of the bargain

Those seven rounds

Around the holy fire that we took

You forgot that, didn't you?

I was supposed to leave earlier

Why? Why couldn't you wait for me?

But I'll wait

Wait for you, an eternity

When I'll go there

Where you've gone

I'll meet you again

So much......

To tell you

I'll wait, wait for you, an eternity.

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