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Rebeka Priya Shepherd



Rebeka Priya Shepherd


A Perfect Goodbye

A Perfect Goodbye

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I thought I could wait forever for you

Such was my love; innocent, strong and true

But over these years and without a sigh

I am ready to bid you a perfect goodbye

'Tis so sad that now you will never know

Of my love, my dreams and the wishes I sowed

And never again will you feel my breath on your neck

No hands garlanding, no quick honest pecks

No meals you'll share cooked with love and care

No pills on time when temperature flares

No genuine concern, no protecting hands

But fading engravings on windswept sands

So goodbye it is, it's over and out

Thanks to your coldness I have no guilt no doubts

Heaven or Hell whatever the future stores

But it's goodbye for now and even forever more.

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