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My Head And My Heart

My Head And My Heart

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I saw the two stand far apart

As a tussle began between my head and my heart

The former well trained and strong

With logical interpretations explained right from wrong

Reminded me of all the pains

The hurt, the wrongs and the shame

The walk through the dark

That overwhelming pain

The misery, spurned love and disdain

The backstab, the malice

The lies untamed

The broken trust which cut through my veins

The latter contentedly and hopefully stood

Though since ages it's choices were spelt 'no good'

So Standing there it only smiled

No offence, no defence

No logical cries

No complaints it made

No faults disclosed

From its melted state only love arose

It refused to surrender or win this discourse

But renewed promises of new rainbows

Reminded me of those lovely smiles

Those shared moments ,those blissful whiles

The long evening walks, whispering sweet nothings

Of clinging to each other for many a thing

I sat for long judging the two

Surely the head was right

But the heart seemed too

I couldn't decide who was right

Neither did this tussle subside

And so it, forever in my heart resides.

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