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Meenakshi Shukla



Meenakshi Shukla


11 Men War

11 Men War

1 min 166 1 min 166

A sport that has more to give

Than just entertainment,

Calls for a day of pure

Undivided attention,

Having an impact of a lifetime

Be it couch or stadium seat...

It definitely promises excitement.

A wicket down or a Six can transcend into

A heart attack and how

Beauty lies in knowing

The tables can turn

Any minute now...

2011- a dream of a million

1 ball,1 wicket, 1 ground

And 2 blue men, going leaps and bounds

For a dream that seemed believable now

And hundreds and thousands of heartbeats

Cheering on

"India, India!!!!"

A united voice quivering even the gods now

Last few minutes of the finale of world cup

And we couldn't keep calm...

4 runs and 11 balls to splurge


The epic finisher deployed at the receiving end

Was enough to know

We were in for a staggering spectacle.

Next ball made its mark at MS's bat

Only to hang up mid air

Just for a split second,

Call it synchronicity of a blue moon-

100 million hearts skipped a beat....

the ball knocked out of the park,

Pumping us with flamboyant joy.

At that moment,

Our Victory turned into an Emotion...


We were touted as World Champions!

Unit digit of the year seemed to have changed

Spirit of unity still remains the same.

11 Indians up for a war again

Again, the hustle is going to be rough...

Champagne in glass is fine

But this time...

We'll raise a toast with the Cup...

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