The 10 Days In The Woodland.

The 10 Days In The Woodland.

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A fiction story depicting the time after WWII.

She was wounded and was crawling at the edge of the sea when we found her. She was putting all her efforts and pushing herself at the extreme though her body was not quite responding. But, her determination was stronger than her physique. When we saw her and she realized there is someone to help her, she closed her eyes and fell unconscious.

We rushed towards her, rested her on the stretcher and started giving first aid. To my shock, she was wounded all over her body. She had dragged herself over the rocks and below the thorns of the trees. All those marks were so deep and it clearly stated her condition.

She looked thirsty and hungry as her body was low at energy and when she said the first word when she opened her eyes, we couldn't hear it. She repeated the word thrice but none of had no clue. Her throat was dry and her voice was barely audible.

We provided her with an energy drink and made her rest for ten days. She recovered in ten days.

We were all curious to know who she was and what was she doing at the sea?

She introduced herself as Nancy, the daughter of a brave soldier who died last year in world war II. Her father served for 45 years in the army. He was the most respected person in the crew. She was the only daughter to him. He was so patriot and he had a dream to join his son in the army.

But she said, "I was unfortunately born to him". I overheard him talking about his dream to my mother one day. I thought that I could never fulfill his that dream. I wanted to fulfill it. So, after he died. I wanted him to be alive in me for the nation. I wanted to join the army. But, being a girl, no one would allow me to join. He used to sometimes think that even being a girl I can join the army, but it was not allowed. There was no freedom for girls and this thing was impossible.

I was getting restless day by day and I decided that I could not just live my life without any worth and without making my fathers dream come true. So, I had seen my father training himself for the war. Even when his time at home with us, he followed all the rules and his routine that he followed at the camp.

I used to keenly observe his dedication and consistency. So, I did go to one of my father's friend to seek help in guiding me. But, as he was bound to rules, he didn't help me. Hence, I decided to train myself and followed to stay in a place where no one could see me and I could exercise and throw challenges to make myself capable to join the army. I know it's not an easy task to be achieved in 10 days. But I eventually thought to start up with this. I ended up at this place, stayed here without food and water for about 5 days, as I didn't carry any food with me. I dragged and pulled myself to extremities I never thought I would have ever done things like this before. Crawling the rocks, swimming in the river, climbing mountains and running miles and miles without food and water.

The lesson that I have learned in this ten days is that your body can do wonders if you are determined to make it do. If you become lazy and take it for granted, it will take you for granted and stop working.

I have pushed myself when I was so low at the energy. When the body was just losing the willpower, my mind made me achieve what I wanted.

I have made myself capable of surviving in any situation, even without food and water I can survive for days.

Until I saw you, my mind had the willpower to win over my physique but as soon as I lost hope after seeing you, I lost the battle.

All I want to do is now to train myself like my father.

With her determination, she was given permission to be trained like her father. She could not join the army though. No one knows why it's still a question mark whether it was allowed or not.

But the only thing I would say is She was the daughter of a real soldier and she proved it. Her father must be very proud of her.

This is an inspiring story and a great tribute to all the soldiers.

The time to thank them for all their sacrifices, willpower and their determination.

Happy Independence!

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