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Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Thriller



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Being orphaned at the age of six years, Sakthivel is raised by his elder brother, Chandra Prakash and his sister-in-law Durga, whom he means as his mother, because of her immense affection to him. They are all settled in Udhayampalayam near Coimbatore district.

As a young guy, Sakthi has got trained himself in "Silambam, Vilari and in National Cadet Corps under Air Wing." Sakthi aims to join Air Force after, being attracted to the studies of Air force though he wishes to join IPS, at the beginning. Besides being an intelligent and expert in Martial Arts, Sakthi is also a famous and popular student in his 10th and 12th classes, due to his motivational stories, where he depicted the themes of motivation, patriotism and Anti-Corruption.

Sakthi also won several badges and awards for his stories: "Best views on social problems" For Sakthi, the reason for his success is his close friend Akhil Ram(friends from childhood, raised up in an orphanage). Sakthi's friends popularize him just not for the strength in his academics and sports, but also widely respected due to Sakthi and Akhil Ram's strong friendship.

Three years passes and Sakthi has finished his college. He has also completely changed his looks with an army-hair cut, small beard around his neck with a small moustache. Sakthi is about to get engaged with his girlfriend Ishika, an investigative journalist in Coimbatore, with whom he is in love from college days.

Further, Sakthi is waiting for his job in Air Force as he has finished his training. Akhil Ram is now going into some illegal activities as he has not been selected in IPS. But, Sakthi himself, has an own agenda to be executed before his postings. Currently, Akhil and Sakthi's relationship is strained.

He goes to meet her in the Ganapathy temple, near Ganapathy, where she has been wearing a shawl made dress with a long hair and beautiful face. She comes towards Sakthi, where she gets stopped by some Brahmins, working in the temple. While speaking with them, Sakthi calls Ishika suddenly and she hangs his call.

Here, Sakthi calls a girl and he tells her to give his rose balloon to Ishika. However, his plan backfires since she returns the rose balloon to the girl itself.

Now, Ishika comes towards Sakthi and they both stands besides.

"Hey. How many times could I have told you not to do like this?" said Ishika.

"If you have attended the call and said, "I love you" there is no problem like this, right" said Sakthi.

"How many times should I say I love you to you?" asked Ishika.

"For a week, you have to say me I love you!" said Sakthi.

"For weeks, should I say "I love you" to you. For seconds, if I say I love you to you, is it okay?" asked Ishika.

"Hey see…How many seconds are wasting? Tell me I love you" Joked Sakthi.

They have a small romance fight and leaves to home, where Sakthi meets his brother and sister-in-law, seeking their blessings.

"Before coming to meet us, you have gone to meet Ishika. Is it Sakthi?" asked Chandra Prakash.

"No brother. Not like such. I was delighted to meet her after five years. Do you know?" asked Sakthi.

"It's okay, Sakthi. I just told for fun. Ok. Have a nice day" said Chandra Prakash and he leaves to meet a client for his advocate case.

Sakthi's sister-in-law learns that his and Akhil's friendship has been strained for few years and tries to make them up, which is stopped eventually by Sakthi. He and Ishika have a blast to Idukki district of Kerala.

They has a great day in Idukki district and one day, Sakthi desperately takes Ishika's phone to contact his brother as his phone got switched off and after speaking with them, he notices some of Ishika's photos about Arms Trafficking and Drug Trafficking business, taking place in Coimbatore district and Vijayawada, and he gets shocked.

With the photos, Sakthi confronts Ishika, who admits her guilt of undercover investigation. However, she is surprised to the questions of Sakthi about these and she indeed, asks the reason of Sakthi's investigation.

"I am not Sakthi…Indeed, my name is Sai Adhithya, Sakthi's look-alike" said Sakthi, a shocking truth to Ishika.

Knowing that, Ishika will not believe this, Sai Adhithya shows the photos of Sakthi's dead photos and he himself, tells the events that occurred before four years.

Sai Adhithya is three-years senior to Sakthi and he was working as the DCP of Vijayawada district, while Sakthi was in Kashmir for his training. He was also, indeed travelling in the same train, which Sakthi travelled.

Some of the goons, who learned about the trafficking investigation, misunderstood Sakthi as Sai Adhithya and they stabs him to death in the train, despite Sai Adhithya's attempt to save Sakthi.

Learning about Sakthi's family, Sai Adhithya further learned his mannerisms and trained himself in Martial arts skills before coming to meet Sakthi's brother. Indeed the reason for the investigation, is due to the DGP of Vijayawada, who suspects the activities being undergone in Coimbatore as the head district.

Sakthi's death makes Ishika shattered and she leaves Sai Adhithya in Idukki district and goes to Coimbatore district. The next day, she goes missing which shocks Sai Adhithya. Suspecting that, she might have been kidnapped, he rushes to Coimbatore and decides to save her at any cost.

However, the next day, a bleeding and dead Ishika is found near the bushes of Irugur road, Coimbatore district. Akhil also comes to the spot and Sai Adhithya is shattered with Ishika's death.

Akhil now comes to meet Sakthi's brother and he reveals the exact reasons to them. He also reveals that, the guy with them is not Sakthi, but Sai Adhithya and further, reveals that he was one of the reasons for Sakthi's death, because of his profession as IPS officer.

Akhil himself, was in an undercover mission to trap some Arms Trafficking goons and indeed he suspects that Ishika was killed after being known that she is an undercover Journalist. Akhil confronts Sai Adhithya, for his emotions in Ishika's death.

In further, Sai Adhithya is emotional.

"If Sakthi is not dead, then Sai Adhithya's family will suffer" said Sai Adhithya, which leaves Akhil in shock.

Since, the latter is not Sai Adhithya but, indeed Sakthi. Now, an other flashback is revealed by Sakthi. Shortly, after the completion of his training in Air Force, Sakthi was coming to Coimbatore in train, in which Sai Adhithya was also travelling.

There, in the train, Sakthi noticed some of the men beating up Adhithya and in a bid to avoid confusion he masks his face and tries to save Adhithya. But, indeed, he was stabbed to death by the goons.

Sakthi was stunned and doesn't know what to do. Hence, he avoided it and returned to his seats. However, a police officer, DGP Vijay Krishna, Sai Adhithya's mentor, noticed him in the train eventually, after learning Sai Adhithya's death.

He was happy that, there is a look-alike like Sai Adhithya and forced me to take the position of Sai Adhithya as the DCP. However, Sakthi refused as he considered IPS as a dangerous one to his life.

But, he agrees after learning about the dreams of Sai Adhithya for IPS, through his phone and has indeed, sacrificed his Air force dreams, in-order to fulfill the unfinished work of Sakthi's.

Akhil feels guilt for hurting his friend Sakthi and they all reconciles with their families. Sakthi vows not to marry after seeing Ishika's death. In the same way, Vijayan, a famous doctor in KMCH Hospitals goes missing and indeed, the next day, he is found dead which shatters his daughter, Yazhini.

As Ishika's and Vijayan's characters are spoiled by the public, Sakthi vows to prove them as good and decides to start the investigation on a three-tier basis: "Arms Trafficking and Drug trafficking under Akhil's hand, Ishika's and Vijayan's death under Sakthi's hand, while they both collides to investigate the masterminds."

Sakthi searches into Ishika's house and learns that, she use to go for Bangkok for a many times with Dr. Vijayan for some important works and he decides to go for Bangkok with Akhil's companionship.

Seeing the photo of the lady with Ishika, they seeks permission from DGP and flies for Bangkok. Here, Yazhini too, has arrived to investigate her father's demise and both Sakthi and Akhil finds this out.

From the beginning the duo's relationship is strain with Yazhini right after the incidents.  Akhil and Sakthi meets the lady and learns that, Ishika had collected the evidences regarding the Gun smuggling and Drug smuggling businesses in Bangkok with the help of Dr.Vijayan, who had also agreed to help her out in this after learning that, his own relative Meenakumari and his younger brother Vikram is mastermind behind the illegal activities and he vowed to punish them off.

But, in reality, It has not happened. Before the execution of this plan, Yazhini's father and Ishika was killed with a police officer, in-charge of this case in a train. However, a minute after the lady's confession, she is killed by some goons in the place while Akhil and Sakthi are left injured for dead.

Yazhini, who too just, arrived in the spot to meet the lady sees the injured Akhil and Sakthi and rescues them to India, with the help of Bangkok Government. After recovering, Sakthi is disowned by his brother, as he has chose to IPS and they are sent out from Chandra's house.

Sakthi and Akhil takes shelter in Ganapathy Police Headquarters and decides to continue their investigation behind Ishika's murder. Meanwhile, Dr.Vijayan is alive and has been kidnapped by his relatives. It's indeed, his look-alike a north-Indian was killed by them while Ishika was brutally injured and killed by Vikram.

This news is somehow learnt by Sakthi's close friend, Aravinth, an investigator and Sakthi goes furious after learning Vikram as Ishi's murderer. However, he first decides to rescue Dr.Vijayan and informs to Yazhini.

Akhil and Sakthi kidnaps Vikram and calls Meenakumari. They slaps him left and right in-conference to Meenakumari, who watches it all and her henchman says, "They are giving a live program for the Roast, I think"

"Be silent, brother. She will hear it" said his colleague.

Dr.Vijayan is first rescued by Akhil and Sakthi. Now, Sakthi holds Vikram in Gunpoint and calls Meenakumari in video call.

"Hey. Don't do anything for Vikram. I will ask him to surrender for Ishika's death…" said Meenakumari.

"What? Surrender Ah! Do we want to feed him egg rice and Fish by taking him to Prison? That's all for the one who does an unknowing mistake. But, you all spoiled the lives of this nation and people…" said Sakthi and Akhil.

"Sakthi. Please obey my orders. Don't do anything for Vikram" said Meenakumari.

"Vikram tried to kill Dr.Vijayan, while rescuing. When we both tried to rescue him, he slit my hand. Left with no choice, we shot Vikram brutally to death" said Sakthi a headline news.

"Hey. Don't kill him…He is young and needs to live" said Meenakumari.

"Ishika and Sai Adhithya too, are young and needs to live…" said Akhil and they both brutally shoots Vikram dead, leaving Meenakumari shattered. Vijayan is made to join back to his home, where Yazhini, her jealousy and money-minded elder sister, Dhivya and Younger sister, Vaishnavi takes him in after inviting him warmly.

By now, Yazhini has fell for Sakthi but, he is not interested with her as he is on a keen to prove Ishika's innocence and to fulfill Sai Adhithya's dreams. Even Yazhini's father wishes Sakthi to be as his son-in-law. But, he refuses as he had still been haunted with Ishika and Akhil too, refuses Vijayan's hand-for Marriage.

This makes Yazhini's sister, Dhivya happier and as thought, all evidences are collected against Meenakumari and her gangster units regarding the illegal trading. Meenakumari's networks in Lakshadweep and Noyyal river banks are thwarted and burnt down by the Defense and Army forces.

Their passports and citizenship is banned by the Indian Government for having networks with terrorists and Drug smugglers. Left with no choice, Meenakumari goes in hiding and in the hide out, she decides to avenge her brother's death.

At first, she shoots Yazhini, when she was travelling towards Ugayanur and informs this to Sakthi. However, she was saved at a nick of time by Akhil, who was present in the spot. Later, she kills Aravinth to death and calls Sakthi.

"Yes Aravinth. Where are you?" asked Sakthi.

"Phone was been in the down. Hence, I took it" said Meenakumari.

"Where was the phone?" asked Sakthi.

"Peelamedu. No sir, near to G.N.Mills. Not that too, sir. Near to Vijayawada district sir…" mocked Meenakumari.

"Hey, Meenakumari" shouted Sakthi.

"Hey. If you destroy my whole network, will I fear? That spy Aravinth is lying dead near to the roads of Kovanur. Come and take him out…" said Meenakumari.

"Hey" said Sakthi and with Akhil, rushes to the spot to see him…

Sakthi and Akhil are shocked to hear his friend's death and rushes to see him and they cries out loud.

Now, Meenakumari calls Sakthi.

"The one who is related closely to you, will die slowly as a tribute for my brother's death…You will rush and rush to take their dead bodies, without having time to cry…Now a good news for you, Sakthi…Your family is safely burning…Come and collect them also" said Meenakumari.

Sakthi is furious to see Aravinth and his own family's death and goes furious. He vows to kill Meenakumari. For the reasons of Aravinth's death, Akhil and Sakthi were suspended by the Commissioner initially, but after being requested by the Vijayawada DGP, they are reinstated into the duty…

Meenakumari is asked to be encountered at any time and anywhere after been told to found in Tamil Nadu's any places…Now, in order to protect herself, Meena hatches a plan…

According to the plan, she kidnaps Yazhini and her family, takes them to the islands of Bay-of-Bengal near Kanniyakumari. She threatens Sakthi and Akhil to come for the island if they needs them alive.

After reaching the place, Sakthi and Akhil fights with the Bangkok and North-Indian gangsters using their "Adimurai and Silambam" skills of Martial arts, which seems to be helpful for them and later, Sakthi destroys the whole islands with bombers, so that no one can ever hide in such a place.

Crossing some dangerous trees and plants, Sakthi and Akhil reaches Meenakumari's hideout where, they rescues Yazhini and her family and a fight occurs between Meenakumari and Sakthi.

Meenakumari tells Sakthi that, she too is a trained in Martial Arts and asks him to fight with her, if he can…Initially, Sakthi is beaten up severely and he falls down. After remembering the country's disaster and his family's loss, Sakthi wakes up and beats up Meenakumari.

He brutally shoots down and kills Meenakumari after being remembered about the deaths of Ishika and Sai Adhithya. Sakthi accepts Yazhini's love and they reconciles while, Dhivya realizes the true love other than money and changes into a good person.

Now, Sakthi, having fulfilled the dreams of Sai Adhithya decides to return for Indian Army under Air Force, which is his long dreams from childhood, and he bids a tearful farewell for Akhil Ram…Yazhini and Vijayan too, learns Sakthi's true profession and they feels proud that, he has sacrificed his dream to fulfill the dreams of Sai Adhithya.

Later, Sakthi leaves to the Kashmir borders and meets the DGP, who has also come there. Here, their main motive is known. Sakthi decided to continue his profession as IPS officer and indeed, the DGP has given him an another mission to be fulfilled by Sakthi.

Meenakumari's illegal weapons were told to be grabbed by the terrorists and in-deed with the help of those, they has planned to stage an attack in India. Hence, Sakthi is sent in-order to stop this attacks but, he hides it from Akhil and his family since, Akhil had already helped him a lot.

While refreshing himself with Martial Arts, Sakthi notices a book named "The Journey of Investigation", written by Yazhini dedicating it to Sai Adhithya, and he smiles at the book.

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