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Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Action

Police War : The Conclusion

Police War : The Conclusion

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Having reached to Tirunelveli district, Harsha, John David and Swetha are warmly invited by the new ACP Sai Adhithya in the Junction. Sai Adhithya considers Harsha Vardan as his inspiration and used to say to his colleagues, "If you put more interest and efforts in your work, you will succeed in your life."

Sai Adhithya has joined in IPS despite following the opposition from his strict and age-ailed father, who can't afford to lose his only son. As a result, Sai Adhithya's father died out of shock and heart attack. Hence, his family disowns Sai Adhithya since, he became a reason for his mother's death also, who died in shock after hearing his father's death.

After coming to Tirunelveli, Harsha and David realizes the main motive behind the transfer. They have been transferred to the district, in order to investigate the rape case of some group of women which became a huge incident in Tirunelveli.

Because of the nasty works of some influential and rich guys, the district's name is spoiled as a whole. Hence, JCP Rathnavel has appointed Harsha to find those culprits and bring them to justice. Due to the excessive violence, riots and clashes that followed in Tirunelveli, the district is issued a total lockdown and 144 act.

Harsha and David assure that they will surely get the punishments for those culprits who have spoiled the lives of the children. Now, Harsha goes to Sai Adhithya's office and meets him.

"Sir. Come and have your seat," said Sai Adhithya.

"It's Okay, Adhithya. Shall we have a talk?" asked Harsha.

"Yes sir. You are my senior officer. Let's sir," said Sai Adhithya.

"Did you take me as an inspiration for this job?" asked Harsha.

"Yes sir. You and some of the IPS officers like, Sailendra Babu, Devaraj were my inspirations, sir," said Sai Adhithya.

"You had taken us as your inspiration for your career. But, you don't obey your parents' words, who raised you up from childhood and despite their opposition, you have joined IPS. Isn't it?" asked Harsha.

"Yes sir. They didn't afford to lose me as I am their only son. But, my career seemed to be important for me and hence, I joined IPS sir," said Sai Adhithya.

"As a result, they lost their lives. Will you compensate for it? It will take many decades to pay for the sins that we commit in our lives. As an orphan, I know it very well, Adhithya," said Harsha, in tears.

Adhithya sheds tears for his mistakes and Harsha says, "As I tell you now also, never give up your hope and also try to rejoin in your estranged family."

Some days later, Adhithya, Harsha Vardan and David starts their investigation behind the rape incidents in Tirunelveli. On Investigating, Adhithya is shocked to learn a shocking truth. Besides the rich and Influential guys present in these incidents, there are two politically influential guys, who too are involved with these cases and immediately, he informs this to Harsha and David. They too are shocked and calls Rathnavel.

"Yes, Harsha. What Adhithya found was the truth! I was unable to do anything against this case because of the political influence in this incident. Hence, I had sent you and David for this official investigation under the order of Central Government," said Rathnavel.

Harsha and David decide to start their investigation behind the rape cases and also finds out that the four main culprits: Raja, Dayalan, Chandrasekhar and Sabarish are masterminds behind this with the son of a Local MP, Harish and Hariraj.

Learning that, these guys are hiding in Kanniyakumari seashores, they all immediately go to the place and after a two-long hours struggle, Harsha and his team arrests these guys and gets the information from them.

They arrest the criminals and while taking to the court, several college students and women with other victims, starts to throw the stones on these culprits and beats them up severely telling these guys as "Cruel and Animal creatures" and with these humiliations, they are taken to the court.

The court judge orders the guys to be taken for a 15 days custody and Harsha is furious with this judgment. Knowing about the liberation of the Indian Judiciary system, Harsha decides to kill these guys as a frame of encounter as they do not deserve to live in this world, (harassing women.)

On going in the van, these culprits mock the police officers saying that they will easily come out of the prison, under their father's influence which angers Sai Adhithya and David.

Harsha stops the police van near to the reserved forest areas of Agasthiyar while going on the way to Tirunelveli prison. He removes the hand-cuffs of the guys, who takes the gun of Sai Adhithya and runs from the place.

This is being video-tapped by Harsha(only their escapes) and Sai Adhithya says, "Sir. They are escaping from u.s"

"Ok Adhithya. They are escaping, right. Hence, you take your gun and shoot those animals," said Harsha.

"Sir…" said Adhithya.

"Shoot Adhithya. Think about your family. You too have four cousins in your family. Will you be silent if anything happens to them?" asked Harsha.

Hearing this Adhithya gets furious and brutally kills those culprits while framing this as an encounter to the public. One of the media men asks Harsha, "Sir. What do you feel about investigating this case?"

Harsha replies, "I feel that the safety of women in this country is in the dangerous zone. From the point of Nirbaya's case to the point of Pollachi and Tirunelveli incidents, did our government realized their faults? No and never. Until strict rules are framed up against crimes, crimes will continue forever, while the innocents also continue to lose their lives…"

Sai Adhithya's family, eventually learns his greatness and empathy towards this case and reconciles with him while Sai Adhithya thanks Harsha for his great efforts and advices.

Harsha smiles at Sai Adhithya and walks away from Sai Adhithya's house, wearing a cooling glass and David comes along with Harsha.

"Harsha. Where is Shwetha?" asked David.

"She is dead, David," said Harsha.

"What? How has she been killed?" asked David.

"Because of the local MLA. He came to meet me and Shwetha after two days of my arrival at Tirunelveli. He bribed me with one million. But, I refused his bribes. And hence, he tried to stop me in so many means. But, I don't pay heed for it. Hence, he orchestrated his sons and they killed Shwetha brutally," said Harsha.

Hearing this, David feels guilty and sheds tears. He holds the hands of Harsha and says to him, "Hey Harsha. You are really great. Despite having suffered the loss of your love interest, you have never lost hope in your life," said David.

Harsha smiles for this and they both walks away by putting their hands in the shoulder implying that, despite love dies, friendship never dies. Finally, Harsha leaves a message in his diary that, "Police officers should always have to war in their life. Today, it's the conclusion. While on tomorrow, they will have to rage a war. But, only for same cases like Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, Organ Trafficking, etc… Police and Army are the real heroes of this nation."

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