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The journey has come to an end,

Weaving through meandering paths,

Sometimes alone, often with a friend,

Sometimes escorted by soul even in loneliness.

What is the substantial adage of life?

Why no one hears when my heart cries?

It is understood we came deserted in this kingdom,

But to dwell in a group with our mates and fellow friends.

Why is it that there are a throng and haul in funerals,

When the deceased longed for someone to lend an ear in his life for his predicament.

Yes, indeed the voyage will end soon,

If humans are left alone to suffer the glee and gloom.

Be with someone in their life span,

Compel their journey to cherish and make it worthwhile.

Then only the expedition will not come to an end.

Then this blissful ordeal will proceed to thrive even in their eternity...

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