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We Shall Overcome..

We Shall Overcome..

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Happy with the start of 2020, at one go,

Hoping for new achievements too and fro.

Who had imagined the world will come to a standstill?

A tiny particle, a virus could create a pandemic.

With chaos and rumors spreading everywhere,

Are we next? this thought really scares.

Death is inevitable you see,

Some will die soon, some late, that's lifes irony.

Start living and overcome all your fears,

We can together heal, Join hands, all my dears.

Stop fearing tribe, Medics are there to comfort you,

Report as soon as you suspect yourself or your nears.

Scientist are struggling for a futile solution,

We as a team of medics are answering and treating your difficulties.

Stay safe at your homes,

Don't dare flicker or roam.

We are worried about our nation,

This phase will pass soon, it's our affirmation.

A promise I want from the entire realm,

We will augment more, protect our surrounding and nature, till eternity.

At this crucial stage, join hands for humanity sake,

Let's unite together, make our world stable for the next generation.

(This verse is dedicated to every human on this planet. Don't fear, let's heal together.)

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