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Dinakar Reddy

Comedy Drama


Dinakar Reddy

Comedy Drama

You Can Drink a Cupcake!

You Can Drink a Cupcake!

2 mins 253 2 mins 253

Her Majesty, Princess Caroline is arriving outside within a few minutes. An announcement listened to by everyone.

Everyone outside the castle is waiting for the Princess's arrival.

Caroline slowly walked towards the balcony of the castle with beautiful clothes and a crown on her head.

She is waving at people standing downside. They came to see her royalty.

To all my friends. She starts giving the speech.

Max throws water on Caroline. 

Caroline woke up and runs to the window and says God, Tsunami. Max, It's a Tsunami coming.

Max laughs and says it's not Tsunami it is our toilet water. The pipe got broken and while I was putting bucket aside you pushed it in sleep.

Caroline puts her nose in between fingers and says ewww.

Max, do you know I wore a crown and waved at people. Caroline is shouting while putting her head underwater in the kitchen sink.

Oh! My third boyfriend used to say you can be high without marijuana if you study more.

Now I can see this.

Caroline laughs sarcastically and says Max, I went to Wharton. I have a new idea. We can sell cupcakes which can be drunken like a martini.

Max laughs says I went to the hookup bar last night. The guy said men can die for my big bosom. So I can become an assassin by killing men by luring them for sex.

Caroline laughs and says that's a bit risky. You can't kill someone while you are making out.

I feel drinking cupcakes is too risky. Max laughs again.

Is someone here talking about sex? Oleg enters the room.

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