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Dinakar Reddy

Comedy Drama Children


Dinakar Reddy

Comedy Drama Children

When Veg Guy gets Alienated

When Veg Guy gets Alienated

2 mins 204 2 mins 204

Hello Mr Dhruva? Someone in the mirror wished Dhruva. Dhruva is combing his hair and asked who are you?

Oh! Man. I am your inner voice. Kinda bestie till yesterday.

What happened now? Dhruva applying beard moisturizer. His inner voice from the mirror said you decided to become vegetarian. Is everything okay?

Yes. He smiled and left to get dressed.

He dressed and went to the hotel. It is almost afternoon.

The waiter came and given the menu. Dhruva took the menu and seen there is no vegetarian item. 

Dhruva requested for the veg menu. The waiter looked at him like he is watching a new episode of a TV Show. Dhruva ordered vegetable fried rice with paneer butter masala.

Dhruva took a cab after paying the bill at the hotel.

When he reached office one of his colleagues is distributing sweets and announced he is throwing a party in the evening to celebrate his engagement.

Dhruva congratulated him. 

At evening party Dhruva and other colleagues came with their friends. Dhruva's girlfriend also came to the party.

While everyone is enjoying the delicious non-vegetarian food Dhruva is limited his plate to sweet and ice cream.

Are you doing some great? Dhruva's girlfriend teased him.

Dhruva and his girlfriend got cosy and it is a perfect time to kiss. He bent towards her lips she said I ate non-veg and teased him again.

Oh, God! I have just decided to be a vegetarian. How much-alienated feeling these people give to me?

He went to the washroom and his inner voice is laughing in the mirror.

It's not easy my boy. Dhruva's inner voice challenged.

Dhruva splashed water on his face and said No. I will be a vegetarian.

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