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Zubin Sanghvi

Drama Romance Inspirational



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She looked at herself for one last time in the mirror. She looked breathtakingly beautiful. Her pink gown, the glittering necklace, the long earrings, and her smile exhibited the happiness of her soul. She was getting married!

They had known each other for 8 years. She still remembers the first time they met each other. The office cafeteria, the hot coffee on a rainy day, and that glance. The glances soon turned into smiles, and eventually they started conversing. They were both similar in a lot of ways; fun-loving, care-free, adventurous, travel-junkies and, above all, their idea of love!

It was during their frequent road trips when they realized there was something else than just friendship between them. It was a cold winter night in Dehradun. They were sitting on the logs next to the campfire. The night was dark, and the cold breeze, along with the calmness of the landscape, made the atmosphere romantic. She was staring at the stars above whilst inhaling the pristine air. The warmth of the fire, combined with the peace of her mind, made her ecstatic. “I think I have fallen in love with you” came a whisper. “Me too!” was her immediate reply. She held the hand next to her and just smiled. Her heart was racing and the grin on her face said it all. She was in love; they were in love!

They had decided to keep their relationship under wraps unless they were sure. They had to be absolutely clear about their relationship before announcing it to the outer world. And then there were the families! She wasn’t confident of breaking this to her family, but it had to be done someday. Their relationship grew stronger by the day, and they were madly in love with each other. From those quick chats to a movie night, to long conversations, to holding each other’s hands while strolling, everything about them looked pure; and pure it was!

“It is time we talked to our families. I cannot live in fear of rejection, nor do I want to live without you.” She said affirmatively. “Are you sure about doing this?” came the reply. “Yes! I was never so sure of myself, of us, and of the life that we have planned to live together.” Her confidence was met with a smile.

Her confidence, however, was met with a stern disapproval. Her parents were strongly against her decision, leading to a lot of arguments, melodrama, and heated discussions. The peer pressure coupled with social discord made matters worse. She, however, was resolute. After weeks of cajoling, her parents eventually agreed. They finally said yes! The love birds were relieved. The planning for the ‘D’ day had started. From the venue to the guest list to the menu to the décor, they both pulled out all the stops to ensure the dream wedding.

Here it was: the wedding day! The wedding venue was decked out from floor to rafters with elaborate decorations. The decor comprised of floral designs, ornate furniture, statues of beloved deities, candles, chandeliers, bright fabrics, and much more! The guests had arrived. The venue was filled with friends and relatives, all waiting for the beautiful bride to step in. And walked in the beautiful bride, escorted in by her sisters, cousins, and friends. The grace in her walk and the glow on her face were testament to this moment. She was finally getting married to the love of her life. She was finally going to spend the rest of her life with her soulmate.

Their eyes met each other’s, and the joy in their hearts was profuse. Hand in hand, they sat next to each other as the rituals began. She took a deep breath to soak in the moment – the moment when : She was finally marrying Her!!

The much in love women had a picturesque wedding with the sun setting in the backdrop, perhaps setting with it was her closet.


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