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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Jagori Sarkar

Crime Thriller


Jagori Sarkar

Crime Thriller

Weapon - 3

Weapon - 3

4 mins 249 4 mins 249

Sattaki entered his lab, the Empyrean. A huge laboratory, well suited for any chemical analysis. Modern technology provided the best facility here. This was the place which has given clue to many crimes. 

      Sattaki still remembers the last time he had visited his lab. It was a murder case in which the victim was compelled to commit suicide based on some fake hauntings displayed by chemical reactions. This time the situation was too complicated. Two murders and no clue at all regarding the cause.

     He has bought a few things for analysis. Sattaki found pen, liquidator ,match box, a glass of water on the bedside table from Rajendra ji s room. He also found few letters, pen, body spray, a liquidator, flower vase, handkerchief from Kunjari ji s room. He started examining all of them for any chemicals that can be the cause of death. 

    In a distance wailing of sirens could be heard. Another death at Rajendraji s residence with absolutely no clue. His younger son Gyanendra was dead. The dead body with no clues. The body was sent for post mortem. 

     The police officer called Sattaki," Where are you? Another death.. no clues".

    After 5 min of silence the voice on the other side replied," Hmm.. and there may be many more! Murder weapon found. Meet me in 10 mintues."

     The next morning was a bright day with a fresh ray of hope. Sattaki and police inspector, Karan Singh landed in Rajendra villa for a discussion on the unknown weapon case. Birendraji, his wife Giribala, their daughter Surbhi and her husband Pratap Das, his brothers wife Sundaribala, their fifteen year old son Chetan. Servant Hari, cook Revati, Kunjari ji s husband Jhumrilal ji and daughter Jyoti, Pradyut, the lawyer.

     "I hope we all know why we have gathered here today."

    "No.. I really dont understand! Does police have no work? Why investigate an open and shut case of natural death?"

    " Birendra ji .. please calm down. Remember that police does not speak without evidence and my friend Sattaki has been with us since a very long time. Please sit back and co operate with us. It wont take much long".

   Sattaki stood up and told inspector to sit down and took a puff into his cigerette, " The issue we are discussing now concerns three murders which apparently seem to be natural death without any definite cause. The first time when I saw Rajendraji s dead body I assumed that it was not a natural death. The room apparently seemed normal but any person who die due to any reason would show some sign of distress like chest pain, difficulty in breathing, etc. Hari slept just outside his room so he would be able to make out some noise at least if his master was unwell. 

        Therefore, we came to a conclusion that probably the cause of death could have been anything which killed him in his sleep without causing any distress or pain. We went through his postmortem report and unlikely did not find any trace of chemicals in his body due to food, in lungs or any where else."

     " Within another few days there was a similar incident. Kunjariji apparently died exactly the way Rajendra ji did. Even the scene of death was quite similar to Rajendra ji. The postmortem reports too were clear of any sign of injury or any marks of chemical or physical damage. So, I decided to think differently. Often, there are crimes where evidence may be present right infront of us, but, we fail to recognise them. I thought of running a chemical analysis of everything found at the crime scene on both occasions. I came up with some interesting facts."

 " Like?",asked Sundaribala.

" There are many things in heaven and earth unknown to many but the few who know them can kill masses without evening letting anyone guess. Well, let me be clear. The 22nd century has seen the rise of euthenasia chemicals used in war and politics. Well, these group of chemicals are specially designed, such that when they enter the body though any opening like nose, mouth, ears or even abrasion and wounds they would quickly damage every cell in the body without touching the nerve terminals that elicit the sensation of pain. 

   Of these gases, Sympnogen is the most dangerous and terrifying one... the murder weapon in all three cases. Well planted and activated!"

  A deathly silence overtook the room with astounded faces staring at Sattaki. 


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