Was It?

Was It?

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So, she's not in the topper list this year. How could it be even possible! Let me ask her.

"Hey, wait!"

I'm not her boyfriend, not even the close one, not even someone she knows my full name or my roll number, do I even exist, of course!

But Ankita might be knowing her whereabouts. After all, I talked to her thrice in the last 2 yrs. She must be close to her, being her roommate.

"No, wait!" What will she think about me, a random guy like me as a shy, a pessimistic and below-average personality who has just topped in the exam, just to get attention from her roommate?

Impossible and unacceptable.

The first day in college, inside Anatomy hall, Neime inspired me even without looking at me. Since then, I have attempted my best in everywhere just to get attention by her. I had her number in exchange of a 500 note and I had not been able to send her even a blank message. Shame!

Sometimes, I used to have visual illusions that she stares at me.

My close friends, those nerds, they know how much I admire her. I even didn't know what admiring means until I felt for her.

Ankita even asked me once, if I love her.

"Love, so far away to dream about; I am trying since the first day just to get noticed by her, for once at least"

Why do I care so much for her?

Long nights, Korean love stories as someone said she loves those, cooking boiled chicken with bamboo shoots for her favorites and those thousands of texts I typed, read, thought, modified with my best English vocabulary and then finally erased thinking "maybe tomorrow".

Maybe I was worshiping her too much that I presumed not to approach her until I overcome myself.

She doesn't even know, she's an admirer.

Finally, when I got selected as President for a college student’s union, I felt, maybe this is the time.

Two and a half years, and I have sent my first message to her, "Hi, Neime".

Her reply, "Hi Chayan".

"Ohh, you know me!"

"Of course, Joseph mentioned you, how good footballer you are, and merits too. All-rounder. Huh!"

There I replied nothing.

There's a rumor hard to accept for me that Joseph proposed her, 15 days back.

And this is how it was meant to be.

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