The Last Feather

The Last Feather

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They were opposites but they used to glow when they were together. The first message was "hi", and the last one, indeed. They could have been "we" today, but after a decade first they met, they are still "they".

Rohit is a board topper with 93.7% and first to crack both PMT and AIEEE as state topper. Such a brilliant mind of his age, with his perfect family life and bright to be future he has his own fandom and fame. Father is a renowned professor, Tall, shy, handsome as he is, Rohit has nothing to worry about. Except for what he wants to become in next.

Rishika is on the other hand, arrogant, fierce and feminist; struggles her way around, father is a peon and physically handicapped with a load of four daughters to take care of. But she has wings, poor-disciplined and always rushed out for her needs. She was raised under such social, economical and distressful pressure and it made her determined to become a doctor. Unless she has poor grades to make into a medical college. Hardwork does pay off her but difficult time in medical counseling.

Rohit with a broader mind but a less tasted phenomenal carrier in medicine, has boasted his past for his father's choice and family pressure. It is always hard for teenagers to accept what is forced upon. He becomes the laziest in the class, lost in the road and is now titled as "topper by luck". Yet to discover himself among those ambitious medical students, he saw Rishika who managed to get into dental college as his junior.

It was indeed a tanned summer day, when Rishika's dad introduced them and asked him to take care of her as a senior. Well why not, because he works at his dad's office and who is the better than himself, Mr. Rohit.

They have exchanged numbers on the very first minute, but none of them has typed a word or dialed for a call. Rohit and his friends are for all the arrangement for new juniors in the college, and luck writes itself for the first ever batch in dental department under the same college.

Rohit and Rishika, both have noticed each other even without a word, or a random smile. Nobody could ever guess that they are about to become another most talked couple in coming years. And the story has begun.

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