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Do we know them? Are they one who stands at the border to save the country or the one who protects the family? Or the survivor?

We all know that warrior is an excellent person who can face any difficulty and return with victory. As a result, people have seen that the warrior is a symbol of strength and success.

Then why is the warrior so unique in our society?

Firstly, they are fighters.

It is the warrior who dares to fight with the enemy, and he or she will not retreat when the enemies are strong. 

Secondly, they will often be fighting for the state, family, or themselves.

I call each woman a warrior. Women have the courage to be the one who is always criticized for standing up and facing difficulties in this modern world. They always ask 'why not?', and they will try their best to solve the problem. Women have the strongest power to sacrifice for the family. She forgets about her dreams and desire for the sake of family and tries to protect them. They are generous, they look sensational, but they are robust, intelligent, and brave.

With all these, I would like to say that women are the best warriors. Without them, the world will fall and die. We need to respect them more! Let's tell the warriors that we support them. We say that women are the queen of the warrior!

Women, we stand all for one and one for all.

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