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Drama Action Thriller


Shruti Morab

Drama Action Thriller

A Story Of Real Hero

A Story Of Real Hero

4 mins

The one who saves the life or the one who is on the screen acting?


Aryan a 12-year boy who works in the garage. It was 10 pm and raining heavily outside. Aryan was working in the garage for their family shop when suddenly someone yelled,

'Help me, help me please' and entered inside the garage.

He looked around for the voice and saw a pregnant woman yelling, who was looking at him with sad eyes, crying screaming, trying to tell Aryan about the man. Aryan was confused; he saw her hand bleeding, also in a lot of pain. He was confused if this pain was a labor pain or the cut she had on hand. Aryan was a bit scared too, he tried to call his parents from a landline, but he could not reach. 


After a few minutes, he saw a man barging into his garage and looking for women. He had a gun in one hand and a knife in another. He grabbed the pregnant women's hand and pulled her. Aryan was scared and had no idea how he could call anyone else for help. He saw a car spare part and threw aiming at the man's head. Luckily it hit hard, and the man fell down.

Aryan ran towards the lady, pulled her, and ran towards the garage. The storeroom gate and locked the door, thinking about how he should save a pregnant woman and himself from the bad man. He tried calling the police every way possible but could not reach. He looked at the lady, she was still in pain and touching her baby womb again, and again repeating the same words save me save my kid.


The helpless kid had no idea what to do. But he remembers his father's words, if you are loyal to dogs, they will help you in every situation. From his storeroom window, Aryan started to look for his dog for help. He saw a big dog outside, but it was not the one he was looking for... Aryan tried to call the dog bear window making some noise so that the dog starts barking .. but he failed he tried again but failed. Meanwhile, the man was getting back in his senses and began banging the storeroom door. 


Both the lady and Aryan got scared. Aryan thought there is no other chance than hitting the to make him furious and bark. He knew hitting a dog is an offense, but the kid was so confused and had no choice to think. He threw a small spare part from the window, and it hit the dog. The dog started to bark loud .. running towards the garage. Aryan tried to chase him ... listening to these two more dogs reach the window barking .. waking up all the neighbors and sending them alert signs. He saw People's parents and police coming towards the garage listening to dog barks. Aryan screamed from the window help.


Aryan thought that the woman will be out of danger, and he looked around the floor for a weapon. He found a big screwdriver and decided to hit the man. He started to have some strength and pushed him hard. The first hit was successful. Now he had some courage and anger inside him.

He did not watch the woman see if she was safe. Aryan kept on hitting the pole at man leg meanwhile police, his parents, and neighbors were there.


Police saw a kid hitting a man and blood on his hand. The moment Aryan saw his parents. He left the pole ran towards them to explain the story. He pulled them to the storeroom and asked them to help the unconscious lady on the floor. He was crying for the lady.


Such a good gesture. So brave and mature at the age of 12. Aryan parents were shocked. But also happy that their son was so brave and helped the lady. But what happened after. Police sir took his name Aryan and told him that he is indeed a hero and has a gift to save people.

They asked Aryan to be the police, Aryan said no he would prefer to stay with his family and work in the garage. The police sir understood his feelings and told him to improve his schooling. And give his family a surprise after some days. Aryan was called by the country president to honor him with his bravery.


Here he is the real hero. A small kid, staying in a poor family but being very kind, generous, brave, and bold. Always ready to help others in need.

Here is the story of his life—a story of a real hero.

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