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Abdul Haseeb

Romance Fantasy Thriller


Abdul Haseeb

Romance Fantasy Thriller



11 mins 211 11 mins 211


Huh!!  pant!!

The sound of heavy breathing was ringing in my ears. I was in a transitional state. A state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep.

"Wake up!!"

Some middle-aged lady in her 40s with white hair tried to wake me up. I couldn't remember but I knew her from somewhere.

uh!! uh!!

"Wake up!! Don't you wanna see her again."

Hearing these voices at the back of my ear as I was gaining conscience.

I opened my eyes, only to find myself in this unknown place. I was lying in this unknown world with no sight of light. A dark void as if I was trapped in a black hole.

  I tried to remember the events that had happened. Events That led me here but all the memories were faint.

   "What is this place?"

  This situation, this feeling of anxiety, unease and nervousness must be similar to when the first humans Adam and eve, landed on earth for the first time. Walking into an unknown world, unaware of gifts and danger this world had to offer.


  I was experiencing a similar event in this new unknown world that I have ended up in a search for her.

   I tried to stand on my feet only to fell on my knees. At that time I still hadn't been able to fully gain my senses. I fell on the ground shaking, extremely weak to even stand up but still, I had tried to stand.

   I would say that things like these are normal for a human because of their nature. It is natural for a man to be hasty. They try to speak when they are still infants, they pray for struggles to end before it had even begun. That's how they were, are and may even be in the future.

  Now that I think about it this world is like a final test. But at that time there was nothing I knew about this timeless void.


   With temporary memory loss, the only thing that I could remember was that I was searching. Searching for my destiny. The destination that my fate was leading me to. And she was was my destination. 


  "Even If I have to travel across dimensions I will find you. " 


  The eco less sound was a source of energy for me. They helped me gather strength, but that strength was only enough for me to stand up. My legs were still numb.

  With little fear in my trembling voice due to the pressure of being in that dark black void, I spoke as loud as I could


   "Is anyone there?"

Thinking that someone might answer all my questions. Why am I here? where am I? what is this place?

   But sadly there was none to answer. This cry of mine didn't even return to me as an echo, describing emptiness of this void. Sound of my beating heart, lungs and even most tin of muscle fibre, I could hear them all.

    "Am I dead? Is it some kind of reincarnation?"

    But still, there was a complete pause.

I spoke to myself again in the act of breaking this stillness but subconsciously mumbled these words as some blinks of memories flashed before me.

  "But I can't afford to give in this time, I have to tell her." 

  I spoke as if trying to strengthen myself but luckily this act of mine had a good effect. It provided me with much-needed strength. With memories of her flashing before my eyes, I found the fire in my heart. This spark filled the void in my heart. All the emptiness of my heart was gone, only thoughts of her remained. These feelings of wanting to see her again suppressed all other emotions. My trembling heart finally found its only source of courage. 

  At that moment I witnessed the first natural phenomenon of that world that I would come to understand later on.

   A beam of light shined in that dark void as if trying to show me the path to my destination.

   This glow seemed like hope. The confidence I needed. As a that had strayed from its path moth, I chased this beam of hope.

   That beam was like a single ray from the sun that comes after years of darkness.

   It felt as if I was waiting for this phenomenon. Waiting for some miracle, I understood completely that this light would lead me to her. 

 Hope that I would see her again this was the only thing I needed to move forward.

   Every fibre of my muscles danced to the tone of my beating heart as I ran towards hope, the hope that I would see her again.

    -------------Chapter # 1 --------------


Chapter # 2. Rain



"Leo, what happened?"

"Eh!! Eh!! Mommy, will I die?"


sob!!! sob!!

"It's just a scratch. I didn't raise my son to be such a coward. Be like your father, be a brave man."

"But mom, it hurts"

The child's mother puts the band-aid to cover the bruise.

"See its fixed. Now wipe that cry off your face."

  She said all that trying to encourage me but what motivated me was her warm smile. For a second I forgot about my injury. And a natural affectionate bright smile shined on my face.

  Even in this current situation. That smile is keeping the fire in heart burning. As a source of courage for me, That warm smile of my mother is keeping the weak flickering flames of desire burning.

  Little by little my memories were returning. And I remembered the dearest person in life. Gradually I started to become aware of myself. However, there were a lot of things I didn't understand, about myself and this world. There was still a lot of mysteries that were waiting to be uncovered.


  It was a short period I spend with my mom. The latest memory of her was when I was still five years old. I had few memories of moments I spent with her, still, those were the nicest memories I could ask for. I couldn't afford to lose them. Even if I had to lose all of my memories, I couldn't let these precious memories disappear. if I would have let it happen then I would have lost my inner happiness. somewhere deep in my mind, those memories survived and they gradually started to flash before my eyes. it was like they wanted me to relive those memories. These moments were asking me to remember them.

Traped in this void with still no sign of a person. Only thing I could do was run. Thinking I might find the exit from this world.

I ran, ran, ran for hours, Then just like that a day had gone by, I had been running since I found myself here but to my surprise, I hadn't gotten even a bit tired. 

  "It sure is a weird world."


  I might not have gotten tired physically but thoughts had started to build up in my mind. Thoughts like how far I had to go. Will I ever see her again? These thoughts were building up waiting for a moment to stab me, Till now, I had been running for a whole day, I was not a bit tired but now slowly as I was burdened by emotions. At the peak, My mental tiredness had found its way to tire me physically. That mental anguish had pierced my physical state like a knife so sharp that would stab you and you wouldn't have any awareness until it reaches your vitals. I had been thinking that it had yet to affect me but it had already done its work. Just like that mental anguish crept into my body tiring me physically. 



  The next thing I knew was that I had crashed to the ground. My knees rubbed on the surface tinting the flour with red blood that rushed out. 




   I,  I Should just give up. This is something I would have said but my heart was resisting. I can't abandon my only hope.

   My mind became a battlefront between icy despair and red hot flames of desire. Giving shape to a complex emotion.

   At that time the second phenomenon occurred. Or maybe it is better to say that these events led to this second occurrence.  

  Tap!! tap!!

  Drip!! Drop!!

  Light tapping sound filled that empty void rather Timeless void would be a better name for this world, the name with which I would later call this place. 

   Sound of relaxing melody was plenty to make this echoless void noisy.  

   And this second phenomenon was rain. Rain is a complicated natural phenomenon that is referred by some as a label for happiness, source of pleasure but it can be stormy being the cause of destruction and sorrow. At the same time, this meteorological phenomenon can be bliss for someone and curse for some other person even if they are under the same roof.

   Rain also has a well-known status of being romantic among authors and readers. A romantic novel or a film is incomplete without including a scene of a rain shower.

   For every person, it has a unique impact. For some it's sympathetic and for some its terrifying.

   But sadly for me, this rain was nothing but despair.

    --------------  Chapter #2  ----------------

    --------------     Ends.    ----------------

 Chapter # 3. Rose!!

Three kids were walking in an empty street. It was already past their curfew. Brats like these are found in every neighbourhood. And his neighbourhood was also similar.

Out of those three kids, one seemed a little older. and others were calling him boss. Thinking themself as some kind of delinquent. They were in the same school I transferred to.


    "Boss! Did you buy the game?"

    "Dad refused to give me money."

    "Man! you should buy it or you would miss its epicness"


   "Boss! look, isn't that Leo the newly transferred student?"

   "I have heard he works part-time."

    "But he is a minor"

    "His aunt has a shop in the main street."

    "I saw her giving him some pennies."

    "Poor him, he lives with his aunt, does most of the chores and even work in their shop"

    "Who cares about an orphan like him? All I wanted to hear is he has money."

    "hehe, boss you are evil."

    "Sure am"


A few minutes later.

    "Few business cards and stitch button in a burnt wallet. pathetic"


    "Where are you hiding money."

    " I don't have any."

    "He must be lying"

     " I am not lying."

    "You are a liar. Your father probably left you because of that"

    "lol! even your father doesn't like you"


    "You are wrong! My Dad didn't leave me. hick! hick!"

    "Hahaha! Are you going to cry?"

    "You wasted our time."

   "Boss beat him, beat him he deserves it"

    "lol! He is going to cry"

    "let him cry. We would still beat him up. Right boss."

    "Yeah who is going to listen to him? He is a lier."

     "We will just say we didn't beat him"

     "You are pathetic, Leo"

After that, they beat me up. I could do nothing but cry. I clung to my belief that my dad would never leave me. There must be some reason. But I could say these words out loud. If I did they would beat me even more. I was hopeless.

 These bitter memories are still with me, reminding him of his past. How long will his past cling to him? But he can only move forward.

 Leo once had a face with no expression but now he was experiencing all these unique emotions.

   This was all thanks to his newfound desire. The desire for her.

   He got stuck in a loop between time and space. A separate dimension with its own set of laws and rules. Unfamiliar with this world, he has done his best to survive. To tell her that she is the person of his life.

  When he arrived here, Leo had a temporary memory loss. He struggled to remember those memories.

 Unaware of place, unaware of time, he has thought of giving up many times only to strengthen his resolve even more. A Lot of time has passed weeks months and maybe even years. 

  Little by little his wavering emotions started to stable under his dominant desire. 

  For now, let us hear the story in his words, what he has come to discover about this world? 


   For a long period, I have been chasing her without knowing if she is even there. At first, I could hardly recall who I was chasing. But there was something in corner of my heart that kept telling me to reach her. That desire started to get dominant with time. As I started to gain back bittersweet memories I understood why my heart was asking me to keep chasing her. In her, I saw the beautiful part of this cruel world. She was the first person I fell in love with. She is the reason I haven't given up on life.


    When I first met her, I knew she wasn't some ordinary person from the past. But a person who stayed in my heart.

  During my stay in this surprising void, I have come to decipher this bizarre territory.

  Like any other natural occurrence in our world, these events are also defined by some rules. All these events were connected and the thing connecting them all is my emotional state. 

  It rained in this dreamy world when I was in a state of emotional confusion. A beam of light shunned when I had a glimpse of hope. Similarly, I would get hungry when I think of hunger and would lose hunger when my thoughts are indulged somewhere else.

  This void is surely a trial for someone like me. Someone who cants does a task without thinking of giving up. But I am not going to give up, I am not going to stop until I reach my destination.

   This world is outside the judiciary of time.... My lips shrunk. A person was approaching me.

    I was completely lost in my own world until I saw someone was closing towards me.

    The person I had been trying to reach all this time.

   She was right there, in front of me.

By stretching my wrinkled lips I called her:



 On my cheek was a sole teardrop of sorrow, pleasure and a little satisfaction from achievement.

 This world started to change. That dark and dim world started to turn into bright and beautiful presenting scenery of Eden.  

  With its root cracking the floor a giant tree, size of a skyscraper grew in few seconds. 

   Behind me was thriving a wilderness that wasn't there, seconds ago.

   All of that describing my emotional state. This was the description of love.



Now there was a lot of noise in the background. Even sound living creatures, beasts and birds. Still, I could hear unique out of restraint loud heartbeat.

      -------- Chapter #3 ends --------

               To be. Continued

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