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Poonam Vaze

Romance Action Inspirational


Poonam Vaze

Romance Action Inspirational

Trapped Lovers - Part 2

Trapped Lovers - Part 2

7 mins 210 7 mins 210

Part 2

Cont'd from Part 1:

Shiva pulled out the visiting card and studied it minutely. Shivani had given him a card of some Mr. Joshi, who being an agriculture consultant, in Mumbai. Mr. Joshi was not in the acquaintance list of Shiva. How Shiva thought that it could be the whereabouts of his mysterious Shivani, but sad to say, it wasn't. Shiva pondered on the probabilities of this case and Mr. Joshi's card seemed for him ,useless, except for some curiosity. He considered disposing the card but Shivani's power with him was not yet gone. Shiva supposed a reason behind such obscurity.

"Exactly Why" the question which led him to Mumbai to meet Mr. Joshi. The shimmer of Mumbai city didn't impress Shiva's mind as his heart was already overwhelmed with tender touch of Shivani's hand. The location of Mr. Joshi's office and it's plush ambience made Shiva out of place. He reluctantly, being sure of his dismissal from the office gate itself, handed over the visiting card to security at the gate.

But arrival of Mr. Joshi personally to welcome Shiva surprised him a bit.

"Mr. Shiva, Welcome to our office." Said Mr. Joshi observing the rural backgrounder Shiva. Shiva too, watched Mr. Joshi and found him to be a man of fifties. He seemed a well educated man but a blend of flora and fauna native.

'Must be a villager at one point of time.' Shiva thought looking at his hand, a typically agricultural community one.

" Mr. Shiva , heard that you are an excellent organic harvester." Said Joshi observing him from the rims of the pair of specs.

"How how ? I mean who said?? Did that Madam,.... You know her... She tucked your visiting card in my jeans. I mean I don't know who is she?? Is she real? Yes she has to be real otherwise how will you understand that I do farming. Yes , she is here somewhere... Where is she? What's her name?" Shiva could have bombarded the questions seemingly forever if Mr. Joshi didn't interfere.

"Ease off. Take it easy, dear boy. Can understand your impulse but, I am not here to answer your questions. "

"Then why am I here?" Shiva was unable to utter anything at that moment as an elusive Shivani made him speechless.

"Would you like to learn the organic expertise ? "

"Yes." He said brushing his fingers on his beard. This particular question was a dream come true for Shiva. For a moment, Shiva forgot the paranormal Shivani and got altered with thoughts of his dreams.

"Then get ready to be groomed, dear boy. Your training starts tomorrow."

Without a doubt, Shiva's tomorrow manifested wonderfully as Joshi's patronage proved fruitful for Shiva. In just a few months, Shiva got transferred in a new avatar. He mastered organic farming and turned into an expert organic consultant. He was a new version Shiva, vibrant persona, trendy and snazzy , just the right type any girl would fall for. He maintained his country style beard , though, as a token of a remembrance of old Shiva. If he could meet Shivani in this life, atleast, she should recognize her Shiva. That Shiva with whom she had just one rendezvous and that single meet changed his whole life. At many different occasion, Shiva tried to bring her topic with Mr. Joshi, in a blur hope that Joshi could throw some light on his mystic Shivani. But it always turned vain, as Shiva's questions and hints were conveniently ignored by Joshi.

"Atleast let me know if there is any girl whom I met. The girl who brought me here . Do you know her? If yes, what's her name? Why did she tuck your card in my jeans that day? " Again Mr. Joshi was blasted by Shiva's curious questions and again overlooked by Mr. Joshi. For Shiva's superficies Shivani, at present was unknown, but his depths always filled with her presence.

That rainy night, the temperature was going down fast, with the windy winds howling their cries and splashes of rain hitting the glass window panes with a loud thudding sound. As Shiva went to close the slamming window panes he saw a shadow coming near him. Unable to see it in a vivid manner he asked who the shadow was. The shadow said nothing and started moving away from Shiva. The silhouette scared out Shiva's wits but subconsciously he followed the shadow. The kaleidoscope of Shiva's life made him run after the shadow and gee, Shiva saw Shivani in the light of that shivering lightning.

"Yes yes it's her. " Shiva cried and ran towards her and gripped her tightly. So tight was his grip that passage of a single molecule seemed impossible.

"Who are you? And why did you do this?" He asked with his eyes wandering all around her. The fact that she was a being of flesh and blood made Shiva a bit relaxed. Shivani, again, was about to tuck something inside Shiva's pocket, but this time Shiva caught her hands.

"Not today. No camouflaged activities. Look in my eyes and speak up whoever you are?"

"You look happy , now that you are doing what you longed to do. Hmmm. Mr. Organic farmer..." Said she.

"Certainly I am . I am a free bird now and it's you who made it happen. My question is why?"

"Come at my painting exhibition tomorrow morning. The address is mentioned in this card. You will get your answers."

"No I want it now. What's your name? My name is Shiva." He said.

"Shiva. " She said and her utterance echoed in the ambience of a dark rainy night.

Shivani's painting exhibition became a sensational moment for Shiva. Her enchanting paintings were sequence of events of their first rendezvous. The exhibition appeared recollection of their first meet.

"Did you like my paintings?" She asked Shiva.

"Yes but why? What's all this about ?"

"That stuffy afternoon with you changed my life. It changed yours too." Said she to Shiva on which Shiva just nodded.

"You rightly said that we all are trapped in something or other. This entrapment kills us , doesn't let us live life the way we want. You wished to do farming but got entangled in the game of politics and I , always a painter in my heart, got trapped in the game of corporate. Your question' Can you leave your job? ' struck me badly. So here I am a painter and gladly an ex employee of XYZ company. Had we not met I would still be stuck in a complete monotone.

"And you wished the same thing for me? " Shiva now trying to connect the loosened knits.

"Yes . Now we both are free. We are not trapped neither in our minds nor caged with the social barriers. We can complete the act which remained incomplete that day...."

As Shiva moved closer to her, he felt it was not just a kiss but a sensation of new beginning , with butterflies in his stomach he asked "What's your name?" instead of kissing her.

"Shivani." she said and kissed him deeply and when Shiva opened his eyes , Shivani had disappeared again.

Shiva , this time, didn't go for his berserk hunt for Shivani. The reason being in her name itself. She was Shivani. Shiva's Shivani.

Whether a reality or an obscurity, every mind is Shiva and every Shiva has a hidden Shivani. Shivani who tells her Shiva to break the dependence on unwanted entanglements of life and live life as one wishes to , without being trapped or attached with anything.

Even a trivial entrapment can be dangerous to oneself. It's when you break these traps of life you manifest in Shiva. 

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