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Swati Gugnani

Comedy Others Fantasy


Swati Gugnani

Comedy Others Fantasy

Tobermory - Scandalous Revelations By A Bored Cat

Tobermory - Scandalous Revelations By A Bored Cat

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It was a late winter’s evening when the landscape was awash with rains. In their beautiful country house, the Blemley’s were hosting a party. Emma Hornswoggle, as she was previously known, was having the time of her life being the center of attention. Lord Charles Blemley and she were chatting with Lady Dwight when I introduced them to Carlyle Appin. Even though he came from a well-to-do family, there had always been an aura of enigma around him and I had discovered this during the days when he had stayed with us in the family house when the Blemley’s had been away in London. And much of this was courtesy my sister’s cat Tobermory without which he would seldom be seen. In fact, when it was time for him to leave, I realized just how fixated he was with the cat. The mystery was almost killing me now.

“And here we have our feline host,” Lord Blemley said as Tobermory snuck behind Mr. Appins who picked her up in his arms and ran his hand lovingly through her fur.

“I must concede that she is the most fantastic cat I have ever seen,” Mr. Appins said appreciatively. “She’s no ordinary cat.”

“Tobermory and Mr. Appins here had a special camaraderie going on. And I am sure-” I say, but Mr. Appins interrupts.

“A long time ago, I discovered how to teach animals to talk and Tobermory here is my first successful pupil.”

There was silence following the initial bewildered reaction of the host and myself; all of us in our own capacity were trying to weigh in his words. Mr. Appins, however, seemed undaunted.

“You don’t really expect us to believe that Tobermory can talk, do you?” Emma asked aloud in astonishment, attracting the attention of people around, who broke away from mundane conversations to flock together instantly.    

“If you can be so lucky as to wed Lord Blemley, then why is it impossible for me to speak?” Tobermory said slyly, his speech not indicative of any discomfort. Emma, on the other hand, had turned red with embarrassment and was just short of thundering. Other guests were as excited as if they had chanced upon gold.

“What do you mean?” she asked in a strained voice.

“Well, if a woman like you, who barely has a mind of her own, can trick Lord Blemley into marrying you, then my extraordinary intelligence can get me to talk your language as well,” Tobermory said dispassionately and then continued. “Besides, it isn’t too hard to master.”

Even in my wildest dreams, I hadn’t imagined a scenario like this. Shock and utter disbelief were palpable in the air.

“What do you mean by this?” Lord Blemley bellowed, his anger directed at Emma.

“It means that your wife’s mission of want of connection has been successful! Look at all the attention she’s getting today!”

“This house-party wasn’t organized for this purpose...”

“Of course it wasn’t, My Lord. It is a part of a blueprint to achieve a similar victory for her brother Bradley here. No wonder he pities your intelligence!”

Something had to be done, and quick. “What treachery is this, Mr. Appins?” I ask. I could see the panic spreading now; all those who had ever spoken a word in front of Tobermory were in a sudden hurry to depart.

“The very same you’re trying to pull here Mr. Hornswoggle. No wonder you’re named that!” I couldn’t think of any words to say. Tobermory jumped out of Carlyle’s hold and went to rest against his velvet cushion, leaving impending doom in his wake.

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