Tarini Sirohi

Action Fantasy Thriller


Tarini Sirohi

Action Fantasy Thriller

Time Travel

Time Travel

5 mins

People say that time travel is impossible. I was one of them, until 2 days ago.

It was just a normal day. I was walking back from school...alone.

I have been taking this path from school to home- for 2 years now. And never took much notice of it. But that day... I felt as if something was off. It was unusually silent. I couldn't put my finger on it. But something was definitely wrong. I could feel it.

That is when I heard some kind of buzzing noise behind me. I stopped in my tracks and looked behind. No one. only a small circular thing in the middle of the road. was that there before?? I don't think so.

I cautiously took a step towards it and picked it up. It was surprisingly heavy and half of it was blue while the other half was green. It also had weird patterns on it and there was these buttons kind of things with symbols that I couldn't decipher. I pressed them. but nothing happened

Then suddenly, the ball started to glow. It glowed so brightly that I couldn't see anything else. Just the white glow of the ball. I closed my eyes and threw the ball away. I could feel my body now, but when I opened my eyes, I wasn't where I had been 2 minutes ago. It felt as if I am falling and I couldn't see anything. I just kept falling and falling until finally, I landed. The landing was painful, but not as painful as I had expected. I groaned and opened my eyes. 

To my surprise, I was back in the alley. Everything looked the same. Except, It felt different. The ball was just where I had thrown it. My backpack lay on the floor. And-

"Hello there," A voice said, startling me. I looked behind me and saw an old woman with a kind smile. I didn't recognize her

"um. Hi" I smiled back

"I'm Keitha. Are you lost, dear? I have never seen you here before"

Keitha. The name sounded familiar.

"No. I just live two blocks away" I replied

"Two blocks away, uh? Don't the Kenley's live there?" She frowned

"What? No. We bought the house from the Kenley's four years ago"

"Hmm..." The lady walked away. A look of puzzlement on her face.

I looked around and saw that the ball was just where I had thrown it. It wasn't glowing anymore. Maybe I had just imagined everything that happened? I decided to leave it and started walking home.

But the feeling still remained. The feeling that something was different. I realized that everyone was staring at me so, I looked down and walked. Finally, I took the last turn and looked up at my house. That is when I got a shock. My house was totally different! It looked more like a hut now. I looked at the other houses. They too were a little different.

Had I taken a wrong turn? I retraced my steps, but I was sure I had taken the right route. I looked around but couldn't find anyone I knew and everyone was staring at me. I ran back into the alley, where no one could see me, and started racing my mind with what to do now. 

That's when it dawned on me. The ball. Maybe I hadn't imagined it, Maybe something truly happened, when I pressed the weird button, that caused all of this. 

I took a deep breath, went out of the alley, and asked a person what date it was

" 23rd of September, 2001" He replied, giving me a weird look. 

OMG!!! Everything fits in now! Why I didn't recognize anyone. Why did the house look so different? Why did the old lady think that the Kenly's still lived there? All this because I was exactly 10 years back! But how did all this happen? 

The ball

Apparently, when I had pressed the buttons on the ball, and when I got a feeling that I was falling, I had been sucked into the past. 

This meant that the ball was a... Time machine?? I walked over and picked up the ball, being careful to not touch any buttons. Yes. This was the only possible explanation. But how am I gonna return back to the present? None of the symbols looked familiar to me. 

I considered pressing the same button I had done before. But what if it would take me more into the past? Or shall try a different button? 

Wait. When I traveled back in time, the ball traveled with me. So I can just press a random button and see if it takes me in the past, or present, or future.

Well... That wasn't a bad idea. There were four buttons. I took a deep breath and pressed and pressed a button.

The same thing happened. The ball glowed, then I felt as if I was falling. And finally landed

As expected, I was in the same alley. nothing looked different. I went out and asked a person the date. "23rd of September 2006" 

Alright. I was now 5 years ahead of before. This meant that I had found the right button. I did a quick calculation. If that button had taken me 5 years ahead. then 5 years more and I would be back in my year. If I was right, then I would have to press the button again

"Here goes nothing" I muttered and pressed the button. 

~ Tarini Sirohi

(To be continued....)

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