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"Happiness is a mysterious thing, to be found between too little and too much"

~ Ruskin Bond

"Oh, dear... Your exams just got over yesterday. Don't you think you should take a break?" Mia's mother told her. 

"Come on mom. If I want a bright future, I'll have to study really hard" Mia replied, rolling her eyes.

" Yes. But this much isn't necessary. You're just eleven. This is the time that you should be enjoying with your friends and playing outside" Mia's mom said, for the thousandth time.

Mia's parents were worried for her. They wanted her to learn to do something else besides studying... But they could never convince her to. Even on her birthday, she had asked for nothing but books. During summer vacations, she never requested her parents to take her somewhere outside. It was just her and her books. 

"Don't ruin your present in order to make a bright future, Mia. When you grow up, you will regret not making memories" They had told her. But she had just sent them out of the room. 

Because of her attitude, she had very less friends. There was only one child she would hang out with, Emma. That also because Emma was really good at studies like her. Emma was a studious girl but, unlike Mia, she wasn't obsessed with it.

Soon, They became really good friends and started studying together. Mia's parents were happy with this because at least Mia was interacting with someone. 

Overtime... The bond between Emma and Mia strengthened and it was time for their board exams of 10th grade. Mia and Emma were on the way to school when Emma had a severe stomach ache and was rushed to the hospital. She was admitted to the hospital for about a week, and people she knew kept visiting her to check on her. But the one face she was looking forward to the most, was Mia's. But it never came. When Emma was discharged and started going to school, she met Mia.

"Hi!" Mia said.

"Why didn't you come to visit me in the hospital. You knew how serious it was" Emma was angry.

"I was busy studying for the exams. These are one of the most important ones! And I knew you were fine" Mia replied

"Oh... So now exams are more important than your friend?"

"I never said that! Stop making a big deal of this"

"Don't stop me now, Mia. You never came to any of my birthday parties. You never came to see any of my performances on the stage. You didn't even care to congratulate me on the biggest day of my life! All because you were busy studying! There are other things to do except studying, Mia!" Emma felt as if she had been forcing all these things inside her and now they were finally coming out. 

"Oh Emma, these are just small things that don't matter. Don't let them spoil our friendship" Mia replied

"They might not matter for you, because all that matters for you is a bright future. But it matters to me. Maybe you just don't deserve a friend" Emma had tears in her eyes now. 

"Fine! Maybe I just don't need a friend" And with that, Mia ran to her house. The girls never talked to each other after that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 15 Years later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Mia turned out to be a very rich and successful woman, and she had finally taken a break from all the work. Today, she was attending a friend's party, and the theme was to wear something childish. Everyone had worn funny clothes whereas Mia was just wearing normal ones.

" Alright, guys. Now we are going to play a game in which we are supposed to tell our favorite thing about childhood. Let's start with Ava!" Her friend, who had hosted the party, made the announcement. 

The game went on and everyone shared their views. Some described the vacations they went on while some told about the presents they would get on birthdays and others told about the mischief they would do together. 

But when it was Mia's turn, she was totally clueless. All she remembered about her childhood was studying, studying, and studying. Her parents had explained to her again and again to enjoy life... But she had been too stubborn. She had lost a great friend, loving parents, and all the fun she could have had with her family. She looked around at all the rich and successful people around her. They had reached this place and still had enjoyed the little joys in life. 

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