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Tarini Sirohi

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Time Travel (Part 2!)

Time Travel (Part 2!)

3 mins

Note - This book is a sequel to my first book, time travel. For better understanding, please read that book first.  Here is the link 👉 https://storymirror.com/read/english/story/time-travel/54h5lcfj

                                                  ~ ~ ~

" Here goes nothing" I close my eyes and press the button. I don't open my eyes till I'm sure that I have reached back to the alleyway. I step out and look at the houses all around. They all look like the ones from my time. With a little hope, I ask someone for the date. "23rd September 2011" Came to the reply.

 OMG! I had done it! I Had traveled back in time and back to the present! I could even be the first-time traveler ever! But maybe the person who created this was the one to use it first, right? Anyway, I couldn't just leave that mysterious thing lying on the floor. I had to check it out! So I tucked it deep into my backpack and ran home


"You're early today?" My mother said. 

What? How could I be early, I should technically be late, as I must have spent around half an hour time traveling. I looked at the clock. Mom was right! I was 10 minutes early than I normally was. This meant I had discovered another thing about the mysterious ball - When I time travel, time paused in the actual world.

"Clarrie! Are you okay?" My mother asks. I was so engrossed in thinking that I hadn't noticed that she had said my name a few times. 

"I'm fine, Just a little tired"

"Okay, go change your clothes and I'll give you something to eat"      

After eating, I locked my door and sat on the bed. The ball is in my hand. I examined it, looking at the different symbols and trying to figure them out. 

There were four buttons, Maybe one was to take me to the past, and one to take me to the future. But what about the other two? Maybe the other one was to activate it? Then, what about the fourth one? I decided to note down all the things I knew about this mysterious thing.

○ It's a time machine

○I know which buttons take me to the past and future

○Time pauses when I time travel.

That's it. What I need to know now, is who made it, and what do the other two buttons do. And I can only do that by pressing them.

So, I check once again if the door is properly locked and sit down on my chair. I take a deep breath and press the button.

Nothing happens. The ball doesn't glow, nor do I get the feeling of falling. 

Then, some ant-like things start flying out of the ball and form a square in front of me. No, not ant-like things, they are words, forming into sentences. I read what's written on them.

" You are chosen, guard the device with your life. There are bad people, with bad intentions... Guard it with your live!"

I was confused for a second... Did it really mean me? Maybe it was meant for someone else, and I had picked it up. But, what did it mean by bad people and bad intentions? How can a time machine possibly be misused? And even if the bad people do come for it, what am I going to do?

(To be continued...)

~ Tarini Sirohi

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