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Tarini Sirohi

Fantasy Others Action

A letter from future me.

A letter from future me.

2 mins

"Ms. Brielle?" The guy at my door asked

"Yes?" I asked. annoyed. I was getting late for work!

"There's a delivery for you. Her-"

I snatched the letter from him and dumped it in my bag. I would read it later. Not being late for work was more important now. 

                           ~ ~ ~

" Why are you so late?" My friend. Evaline asked.

" Woke late. Then I was interrupted by this mail guy"

"Mail?" she perked up. "Now, that's something unusual. Who is it from?"

"Don't know. Let's check" I took it out and read the name - From - Brielle Givers.  

"What? You got a mail from yourself?" Evaline exclaimed. "Must be joke"

"Yep. Maybe. Come on, let's get back to work." 


I lied on the bed. Today had been a very tiring day and I had just taken a bath. 

I was about to get ready to sleep when I remembered the letter. I took it out of my bag and started reading.

Dear Brielle,

I am lying on my death bed, as I write to you. Yes. I am you, but 30 years in the future. Our modern scientists have made some awesome inventions, which allow me to communicate with you. As I lie on my death bed, I have a lot of time to think about how my life has been. There's just one thing I would like to change, that I wish had never happened. I'm informing this to you so that you can avoid this. There's gonna be an acciden-

Bing. My phone is ringing but I'm too engrossed in the letter, so I just ignore it, and read on...

Mom's gonna go to the mall, but there she's gonna meet an accident, in which she loses her memory and fractures her legs, then passes away after a few months. You go into depression, and while you're in depression you get an offer for your dream job. Which you deny. Then regret it your whole life. Please, call mom right now and tell her to not go to the mall. I don't have much time, or else I would talk other things to you too.

Love, future you.

I have no idea what to do now. I don't even know if I can believe this letter, it can be from anyone, right? Just then, my phone rings again... I go and see who's calling, It's Dad.


'Yes dad?"

"I want you to come here right now, Your mom has met with an accident"

~ Tarini Sirohi

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