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Tarini Sirohi

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A second chance

A second chance

3 mins

"I need help with my project work" I told my elder sister

"Not now" She replied in an annoying way. Which was really unusual of her.

"But I need to finish it right now" I said

"I said not now! Go out!" She shouted angrily. This took me by surprise and I ran into my room.

She's not the same anymore... I thought. She had been acting very differently from the past few days. She is always in her room and rarely talks to me nowadays. And this was the first time she had ever shouted at me like that. After a few minutes, she came into my room.

"You wanted my help in something?"

"No" I said. As I was still angry at her.

She sighed. "Look... I'm sorry. Okay? I shouldn't have shouted at you like that" 

"I don't want to talk to you. Go away!" I said.

"I said I'm sorry-"

"Go away! You're the worst sister ever!" I shouted at her. I think this really hurt her... Because she left the room without saying anything.

And that was the last conversation I had with my elder sister. Because she went missing right after that. 

                            ~ ~ ~

It's been a day since she went missing and I and my parents haven't slept a wink. The police aren't able to find her anywhere. It's like she has vanished!

Moreover, I feel awful that I even said this to her. She was the best sister ever... And when my parents got to know about this, they made me understand that she was really stressed about her exams. I really wish I could just apologize to her and we would all be happy again. But good things never last, do they?

"I think you should go and sleep, dear. You must be really tired" My mother told me. But it was actually her who needed some sleep. I quietly went to my room and closed the door. So far, I hadn't cried once because I had to be strong in front of mom and dad. But as soon as I closed the door, my tears just couldn't stop anymore and I wept continuously. "I'm so sorry...." I kept muttering under my breadth. I just wished, with all my heart, that I could get her back again. 

And thinking this... I dozed off. 

"Wake up..." a faint whisper said. I opened my eyes, but I wasn't in my room anymore... I was in a beautiful garden. There were flowers of all kind and beautiful butterflies were fluttering here and there. There was a pond nearby... the cleanest pond I had ever seen. This place gave me such magical vibes. But I still couldn't find the source of the voice. "Hello?"

" You are special" The same faint whisper said. "What?" 

" You are gifted" Came the reply

"I don't understand you. Gifted by what?"

"Something very rare. Something people wish for but never get...." 

"What is it?"

"A second chance"

Before I could say anything else, The beautiful garden fell out of my view and I was back in my room again... Lying on the bed. First, I thought it might be a dream. But, unlike other dreams, this one was very clear in my mind. A second chance? What did she mean by that? 

It was 6:30 in the morning and I knew that sleep wouldn't come again, so I got up and was about to head to the washroom, when my eyes fell on the phoneThe date said 17th may. Which was really weird, because the day I had slept was 19th May. 

That's when I understood what that voice had meant. I was being given the chance to apologize to my sister. I ran out of the room and, as expected, I found my sister in her room. Studying. I gave my sister a big hug " You're the best sister ever!" I said

Of course, my sister had a puzzled look on her face, but she still hugged me back. I had my sister back. That's all that mattered.

But there is still one question that remains. Why me?

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