Jyotisai Kar

Romance Fantasy


Jyotisai Kar

Romance Fantasy

Three Knots - Untying Them Had Magical Results!!

Three Knots - Untying Them Had Magical Results!!

5 mins

Once upon a time in the distant land of Talakusuma lived a young boy. He was very fond of water. As a small boy he used to come out of his house and his mother would find him near the village pond throwing pebbles and twigs in to it or in danger of falling in trying to pull out the things he had thrown in. No matter how much his mother warned or scolded him, he would somehow find his way to the pond. As he grew older, he spend his time in sailing paper boats and as he grew older, he would take an old wooden tub and paddle around the pond.

Finally his parents decided that since they could not do anything about his love for water, they might as well get him to become a good sailor. So they took him to an old seaman and asked him to teach him all that he knew about sea craft.

After some time the seaman brought the boy back to his parents and told them that he had taught him all that he knew and the boy would now make a fine sailor. He told him, “You know where the seas are and about the winds. But knowing that alone is not enough. You must also know how to handle them. A sailor must have patience when there is no wind and it is calm. He must have the patience to wait till the wind fills his sails. If there is a storm, and the wind is angry, he must have courage and not loss heart. I have grown to look upon you as my own son, so I am giving you this piece of rope as a gift. As long as you have this with you, can sail the seas in any kind of weather. If it is calm, undo the first knot and a fair wind will begin to blow. If you want a storm, undo the second knot. When you want the storm to stop. Undo the third knot. Now good luck to you and may the winds be fair wherever you sail.”

And so it was. The boy sailed on all the seas and his ship was always blessed with fair winds and good weather. So much so, he was called Lucky Skipper.

Once Lucky Skipper had anchored his ship near the capital city of kingdom. It was a busy port and many ships were anchored there. However, when he decided to set sail, it was completely calm. Nothing stirred and there was not as much as a ripple in the sea. The ships could not do anything but wait.

The captains and merchants cursed their luck, but there was not a thing that they could do. Most impatient of all was the prince of the land. He had been getting ready to sail to be married to a beautiful princess and was now worried. If he did not reach in time, her father would find some other groom. He first offered a big bag of gold to whoever would take him to his bride, and when no one came forward, the prince even offered his kingdom. Afterwards, he decided that he would not rule the kingdom or live if he was not able to marry the princess.

Lucky Skipper felt sorry for him and offered to take him to his bride. He set his sails and undid the first knot. A fair wind swiftly took the prince to his destination. The prince married the princess who was her father’s only child. He was so happy that he decided to stay there and rule the kingdom when his father-in-law died. He told Lucky skipper that he could have his kingdom as a reward. Lucky skipper went back to the old king, gave him news of his son, and saw how things lay. There he got a glimpse of the princess, the king’s daughter.

He felt in love with her. The king gave his consent and their marriage was announced. There seemed to be no problem at all and everything was set for a ‘happy ever after’ ending. However, it wasn’t to be so. The princess was extremely beautiful and had many suitors before she had set eyes on Lucky Skipper.

One of her suitors was the son of an island king and he felt that he was worthier than a mere captain of a ship, and was furious that the princess did not see things his way. So, at dead of night, he and his men kidnapped the princess and took her away to the island kingdom. The king, her father, and Lucky Skipper were upset. While the king wrung his hands and went pale with grief, Lucky Skipper set sail and went off to rescue the princess.

When he reached the island, he found that it was surrounded by rocks and reefs that could break the hull of his ship. He anchored some distance away and decided to bide his time. But the moment he anchored, the island’s ships, bristling with cannons and guns, bore down upon him.

Lucky Skipper knew what he had to do. He took the rope the seaman had given him and undid the second knot. At once a fierce storm was unleashed, the kind the islanders had never seen before. Even Lucky Skipper’s ship that was anchored firmly shook and swayed dreadfully. After the storm had subsided and all the island’s boats and ships had sunk. Lucky Skipper undid the third knot. The storm subsided and the sun shone serenely on the calm, blue sea.

Lucky Skipper slowly worked his way around the rocks and reefs into the harbor, found the princess and brought her back to her father. The happy king arranged a grand wedding for the couple.

And what happened to that rope? Well, Lucky Skipper had a son who took to water just like his father and loved throwing things into the sea from his father’s ship. One day he threw the rope into the sea and that was end of it. 

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