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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Victim

The Victim

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The horrible incident that happened some ten years ago, still makes me shudder. It was during the time when I was a 16-year-old school student. One day, all the students in our class were about to go on a 3-day picnic. I set out early towards the school from my home, that day. I was walking through a narrow lane towards the bus stop. As it was early morning, the lane was almost deserted. There was a matador parked by the side of the road. A man was busy cleaning the matador. I threw a quick glance at him and then walked in a hurried pace as I had to reach the bus stop quickly. He seemed to be completely occupied in his work.

Just as I passed by him, he pulled me by my hand and pushed me inside the matador. He jumped after me and quickly closed the door of the vehicle. He forcibly pinned me down on the seat and placed a damp cloth on my face. I struggled with all my strength to push him away. But I was only a petite teenager and he was a strong and sturdy man.

"Stop your stupid stunts!" He warned me, his eyes were red as amber, "just breathe it in and go to sleep like a good girl."

But still I kept struggling, although I was scared to death on being ambushed. I swayed my head and tried to scream, though his mighty palm placed on my face was almost choking me. My face became flushed as I struggled desperately with a man who was many times stronger than me. The wet cloth he had pressed to my face was emitting some strong odour that was taking a toll on my senses. It was drenched with some drugs in order to make me faint. A few more minutes passed by and my vision became blurred due to the drugs. My vigorous screams dwindled to weak moans. My limbs turned numb and my eyelids started dropping down. My hands that were resisting him became feeble and slipped down. The matador stopped rocking as I gave up my struggles and passed out.

He lifted the cloth when he realized that I had fainted. But I was still partly conscious. He drove the matador to some lonely place and then pushed the brakes. He rushed back to me and lifted my chin. He sucked my dainty lips in a filthy, lewd kiss that seemed to last forever. Then his hands slid down to my full bosom. He savagely tore my shirt off and ripped my bra. He greedily cuddled my naked breasts with his loathsome hands.

"Sleep tight, baby," he said as his hands took several quick gropes on my breasts.

He then took my skirt off and pulled my panties down. He parted my legs and started rubbing his rough tongue against the soft skin of my private folds. A feeble moan was all I could offer as a protest. At this, he hurried back to seal my mouth with his lusty kisses while his hands continuously teased my luscious breasts with a barbaric caressing. I was thrown to the end of my wits by that barbaric torture. I was unable to bear any more of his repugnant touches on my pristine young flesh. As the inhumane assaults went on the drugs took over me and I slipped into unconsciousness. It was only darkness I could see in front of me as he carried me to some unknown destination in the thick forest ahead. I was sure that I was going to bear through even more of the tortures when I wake up.

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