Neha Chopra

Drama Inspirational Tragedy


Neha Chopra

Drama Inspirational Tragedy

The Fearless

The Fearless

4 mins

Purvi who was a student of tenth standard arrived at her tution teacher Alka's house straight from her school. She had been attending tutions classes for the last couple of years at Alka's place and they had bonded into close friends. Alka opened the door for Purvi with a bright smile and started giving her lessons. But Purvi was absolutely unaware of two lecherous eyes oogling the beauty of her adolescent body from behind the doors of one of the rooms.

"What is this noise Alka didi?" Purvi asked as she heard a sound of a crash from within the house.

"It's my cousin brother. He's on a job hunt." Alka's face turned dark as she said, "let's study on the terrace today for a change."

Purvi agreed readily and they both made their way to the terrace.

The next day, when Purvi arrived for tutions at Alka's house she was received by a man in his early thirties.

"Alka had to go out," he said, "but she will be back within 5 minutes. She has asked youbto wait. I am her cousin."

He waved a hand towards the sofa and gestured her to sit down.

"Alka didi had told me about you yesterday." Purvi said as she stepped in and sat down on the sofa.

"Have some orange juice," he said as he held out a glass to her, "it's so hot outside."

"No thanks, I am fine." She said politely.

"Your Alka didi will scold me for not offering even a drink to you. Please have some for her sake."

This time Purvi couldn't say no and took the glass from him.

"I have to prepare for a job interview." He said as he excused himself to his room, "sorry can't give you company."

"That's fine." Purvi smiled.

Purvi took a few sips from the glass after he was gone. A few minutes later, she felt dizzy and her vision blurred. She placed the glass on the table and held her head with her hands. But then everything around her turned dark and Purvi passed out within a few seconds. One of the doors opened with a creaky noise as he watched her slip down on the sofa. He smirked as his gaze fell on the 15 year old girl's unconsciouss body spread upon the sofa. He approached her with stealthy steps and pated her on the cheeks. He let out a wicked laugh as he found Purvi lying absolutely insensible. The had drugged her drink to make her faint.

He picked the girl up and carried her to his bedroom. On the way, he peeped into Alka's bedroom who was lying unconscious on her bed. He had already sedated her before Purvi's arrival. He smiled as he laid the beautiful young girl dressed in her school uniform on his bed and bolted the door. He slid a finger on her face but the drugged girl was absolutely unaware of horrid things that awaited her. He unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. He pulled her skirt down down her long slender legs and parted them widely. He unbuckled her bra and took it off. Then his hands slid down and he tore off her panties. He picked up his camera and clicked a few pictures of the unconscious girl who was eagle spread on the bed in a completely nude state. He switched on his handicam and recorded her her nudity while drugs kept Purvi totally oblivious of the demoniac act. He set the handicam on a stand and pounced over the insensible body of the passed out girl. He groped her breasts and sucked her nipples. He outraged her unconscious body for hours that followed while she slept sedated beneath him. Finally he dressed her up and put her back on the sofa before vanishing to his room. Purvi woke up after a while and went home as she had no memory of anything.

That night she received a video and a threat that if doesn't submit herself to his wish the video will be uploaded on the social media. The fearless Purvi didn't lose her calm and courageously reported the matter to the police. He was arrested and the video was destroyed leaving Purvi to lead a secure life of peace and happiness.

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