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The Proposal

The Proposal

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Ahana stared out of the window at the bright moonlight.

"You are as beautiful as the full moon." She remembered the words of Rahul when he had seen her wearing a saree at the office. Rahul was a management degree holder as herself and was in her team in the office. She knew she was falling for Rahul as much as he was for her. A smile lit up her face as she turned her gaze to the moon again. But the moon got covered by the clouds and the smile on Ahana's face vanished as an old memory flashed in front of her eyes which almost knocked her down. Those memories were as horrible as he himself was.

"No" she shook her head, "he will never let me marry Rahul."

His name was Gaurav and he really was an atrocious villan. He owns a business establishment in London and can be back anytime to claim her. He was absolutely adamant on his stand and it was a must for him to make his own whatever he wished to. He was her senior in her school and had since proposed to her that she rejected with a scorn. He was not among those who took his insult so easily. He set out to make a plan of revenge.

She was attending a party with her friends. Everyone had to wear a traditional dress for the party that night and Ahana had clad herself in a beautiful lehanga choli. She was enjoying the party when her mobile phone rang. She walked into a desolate corner out in the corridors to attend the call. She kept saying 'hello' into the phone but there was no response. She was about to turn back when someone pulled her by hand and she was pressed to a hard chest. She turned to see who it was.


Before she could react, he put a cloth drenched in chloroform on her face. She struggled hard to break free from his grasp. But he held her tightly pressed to him and the cloth pressed in her nose. Gradually, the drug started taking toll on Ahana's senses and she started slipping into unconsciousness. Her vision became blurred, her vigorous screams became limited to helpless moans and her struggles weakened. As he realized that the girl will not be able to resist much and was about to faint, he removed the cloth from her face. Ahana struggled to keep her drooping eyes open as he pulled her shawl off her.

He drew her lips into his in a long hungry kiss while his hands groped her breasts. A soft moan of pain escaped out of her as he released her lips and bit her cleavage. His hands caressed her slender belly and then felt for her hips. She felt helpless in the arms of the villan and slipped into unconsciousness partly due to fear and shock and partly due to the action of drug he had subjected her to. He picked up the beautiful,16 year old, unconscious girl and drove off in his car.

He took her to his old farmhouse and lay her on the bed. She was still unconscious. He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. Her luscious, young breasts were as clad as exposed in the skimpy bra she was wearing. He cupped them bit them ferociously. The girl was still sleeping drugged and didn't react to the brutal touch of his hands on her soft, young flesh.

She woke up to see herself clad only in bra and panties with her hands and feet tied to bed. She shuddered as she saw him approaching him.

"I would have done everything that I wished to do when you were unconscious but I wanted you to be aware of my touch."

No Gaurav, please!" Her tears begged for mercy, "please let me go."

But the devil won't listen to her. He pounced upon her and soon her chest was exposed to him. He ran his hands on her bare chest, caressed her breasts and sucked her nipples while she kept screaming and crying. He pulled her panties off and ogled her naked body. The feel of his touch all over her nude body knocked her down even severely than the drug had done. She was only semiconscious by the time he entered her and was able to respond with only a gasp and a moan to the pain his entry has caused her.

"You belong to none other than me," he whispered into her ears as the hapless girl drifted into unconsciousness.

The impact of the brutal rape she was subjected to kept her unconscious for the next 24 hours. He has kept raping her while she was still unconscious. She became aware of the act only when the pain jolted her back and she found him rocking her over the bed. Once he was done he drugged her back to sleep and there was darkness again.

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