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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra


Romance Fantasy Inspirational



Romance Fantasy Inspirational

The Undesirable Warning

The Undesirable Warning

7 mins 362 7 mins 362

What the hell your boy is doing? Don’t you concern about your this teen-ager? Have you seen your boy’s progress report? This questions just froze Mrs Radhika Sen like a tough piece of ice. His son’s name was Neel. Neel was very much weak in the study. He had no dreams in his fulgent eyeballs, had no aim in this life. Neel was ever-smiling, charming and a very kind person and very much accompanied by his nature-loving friend Nishantika. Nishantika was his childhood pal and a good smoker also. Both had a good friendship. They too much visited ‘Garden friend’ park. There, they usually went for smoking and spend some time with each other.

Once in the afternoon, when the orange sun was going down and gonna vanish through the horizontal line, Neel visited that park but he was unaccompanied. Neel was very upset about his exam report. He sat down on a green-colored chalybeate chair. Neel was just thinking about Nishantika. He truly loved her and wanted her through his lonely life. By this time, an old man with a white beard and a brown staff in his hand managed to sit beside Neel. A faded yellow colored pyjama covered his fair complexion.

 ‘You are Neel Sen, isn’t it?’ A dither voice threw those words.

‘How you know me,’ Neel just exclaimed. ”

‘I know everybody, everyone’s strength, weakness, love, requirement and so on’. Avoiding this, the old stranger told him, “You will be a scientist”.

Neel was just stunned and made his face half-smiling, half-exciting. He just got confused about the old man’s mental condition.

‘Is he ok?’ Neel felt this doubt inwardly. ‘I have got the lowest mark in science, do you know this?’ he asked.

Instantaneously, the stranger answered, ‘Yes, I know everything. You will be a scientist and can lead a happy life. But you have to sacrifice something in return.’

When Neel questioned about the sacrifice, the given answer was not at all expected by Neel.

He told, ‘You have to forget Nishantika if you want to lead a gleeful life.’

 Neel’s mind was just empty for some while. After firmly settling his mind, Neel questioned him, ‘Are you joking? Are you mental? Can you please leave?’.

 Before hearing further madness, Neel got up from the bench and found the way to go home.

 When Neel was wearing his shoes, the old man warned, “She is harmful to your life.” Without seeing the stranger Neel stirred his hand and waved, ‘good-bye’. After returning to home Neel started thinking about those sayings. After two days, Neel met with Nishantika to tell about those warnings. They met. But, before conveying something she ignited the cigarette and started smoking. Then, she implored, ‘Please take me to park.

 ‘Do you know? one day ago, an old man said that I would be a great scientist’, I informed.

Nishantika smiled. ‘Didn’t you tell him your number?’.

They sat down on balmy green grass. Nishantika certainly asked, ‘Will you be my friends forever? Will you accompany me in smoking through the whole life?’

Neel just startled and awkwardly said, “Yes, of course”.

 A gallinule heard by Neel which was very well-known to him; trembled vague voice.

 ‘Neel, can you please come for some while?’ Someone asked from behind. There was the old guy, whom he met last day. Neel just sat there involuntarily.

‘Today, I will tell you, why you should forget that girl,’ the stranger told with a gentle smile. Neel was very much curious to know the cause.

 He hurriedly told, ‘Tell me quickly, I have to return home’.

 ‘I don’t know why I want you to lead a happy life. I don’t know why I am telling your these warnings. You are not familiar to me. But I want to inform you about the danger. Nishantika will ruin your life. Even not she, her morbidity will destroy your whole life just like me.’ The stranger told without any stops.

Neel was stunned.

 ‘I will tell you my story. Thirty-nine-year ago, I got married to Smriti. I knew that she had cancer, but I couldn’t forget my love. So, I accepted everything without thinking back and forth. But after some years Smriti became very much ill. Even I couldn’t see her ugly skin. Her skin had been cracking for years. One day I saw that her whole body’s skin was burst and filled with exudation. I loved her but couldn’t saw her disease. You know that Nishantika is a cancer patient and I know you will have to face something more terrible. I just come here to warn you, to warn you about your relation with her. You will have to commit suicide because you will not be able to tolerate this for so long, like ……”, The stranger stopped unexpectedly.

Neel just laughed. ‘Are you here for joking with me?’ Neel told clenching his teeth. ‘I don’t want any warning. I will always be there for the girl because I love her unconditionally and I will make all the moments happy with my love. I can’t let her go for her crisis. And why am I telling these things to you? Who are you? Neel furiously threw those words.

 ‘I am your future, just sitting beside you and I am here to give you a chance to think about your future, to help you find your happiness in life. I have some photos. I think you will change your decision after seeing this.’

 The old man told with strong confidence. Neel’s eyeballs glued when he was seeing the photos and unable to make a single compliment. Those were the photos of Neel and Nishantika. When Neel saw these photos one after another, he could imagine an incident, which made everything upside down. Neel’s hands were starting to tremble and photos touched the ground one after another. Neel shouted, ‘No………..’.

The old man expressed with a certain confusion, Have you changed your mind? I think now you will forget the girl.’

 After a silent while, Neel answered, ‘No, I can’t forget her. I don’t want to know my future or anyone’s past, I just can believe the present situation. And in present, I love Nishantika and nothing can break our relation, even not my unease future.’

‘Hey boy, you are doing wrong, you will have to pay for it. You just see your and your lover’s death. How horrific that is!’. The photos showed that Neel would kill his wife and would kill himself with the same knife and sleep forever. Neel couldn’t imagine anything except Nishantika’s bright face and her dreamy eyes that always says a story, a story of love, and a story of faith. Neel desperately said the old man without seeing him that he was not going to forget her and will not back down for occurrence of anything horrible.

When Neel glanced beside, he saw that anyone was not sitting next to him. He asked, ‘Where are you? Where have you gone?’ But no answer was given.

After not finding the old man for some while, Neel went back to Nishantika.

Within a second Nishantika questioned, ‘Who have you been talking to for so long? I haven’t seen anyone around you.’

 ‘What? What are you talking about? He was just beside me.’ Neel stammered.

 ‘Have you gone mad?’ Nishantika wrinkled her eyebrows.

Before facing further questions, Neel hugged her tightly, and said, ‘Will you always be with me like this?’

 ‘I can hug you like this forever,’ Nishantika said with loving emotional voice.

 The sun was going back to her horizontal home and gave access to the moon to spread her beauty.

‘Ok. So, let’s celebrate this beautiful bright eve with a long uninterrupted kiss,’ Neel said.

With a naughty smile, Nishantika warned, ‘This time, I will not let our nose break the silence.’

Neel knew that Nishantika had cancer and can be affected by many horrible diseases. Neel thought many times about their relationship. But couldn’t able to think anything except their love for each other. And the old man had no existence in real life. That was an imagination that created from his confused mind. He was very much puzzled about their decision. And the photos were just an imagined picture of his inner one. Neel couldn’t set up his mind, because he knew the effect that could arise for her heavy smoking. But Neel wanted to accept the original Nishantika and didn’t want to change the character or habits of her. But at last, Neel Sen won the battle which was going on every day between Neel Sen and his inner person. He saw the future happenings and beat his confused brain with his lover’s mind. A true lover can’t let his beloved go. They will always be there for each other to give their own life to another.                               

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