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Tragedy Fantasy Inspirational



Tragedy Fantasy Inspirational

Hello, Sushant Singh Rajput Sir

Hello, Sushant Singh Rajput Sir

3 mins 298 3 mins 298

"Hello sir; Sushant sir?" I was standing with chuckled eyes holding a Pepsi bottle and sipping with a pinkish pipe. I got stunned. Can you believe Sushant Sir came to see me? Wow! I halted.

"Are you crying, sir?" I keeked. His right hand was supported on his well-muscled left-hand and forehead touched by righty fingers. Something, he was whispering within him. I forwarded a bit and asked, "How you come here, sir?"

"Mean, you are dead, right?" Furthur linked question got asked.

He turned towards me. And his outlook shocked mine. Black coal-like spot was well-marked under his debonair eyes. I pointed out that heart-touching smile was not there. Instead, the folds of hardships covered his whole face.

Mine worried heart asked him, "Sir, where are your ever-smiling lips? What is painted beneath your eyes?" This is not your normal appearance. Isn't it?"

"You are wrong. This is the actual outlook that can't be seen the fans like you. This spurious smile hides all our fears; the dread of falling from the mountain; the mountain of success," Sushant sir regretted.

I lowered my head. He was quite right. We don't try to cultivate what is going on within those artists. We create all pressures. Our appreciation, love gives them the power of being the best, and the bloody idiotic gossips made by us showed them the horrible dark world.

"Why you have taken the step, sir? You know that we love you a lot. And your movie 'Dil Bechara', just amazing. It had discovered the meaning of true love. But, what made you so depressed?"

"Firstly, it is not my achievement. It's about the team, my co-actress. Everybody just talking about me. Why? Cause I am dead?" He commented.

I nodded and interrupted, "They love you. So, the world is applauding."

"You don't know the real world. They would forget me after some short while. You can see, I am already out of the mind of the world. But I am happy with that."

He smiled. Maybe after a long while.

"I need an opinion, sir."


"I am a writer. So, any suggestion you want to share? About my career?"

"Just a single thing. Don't think so much about the outside world, think about your own. Don't pay too much attention to society's words. Take everything loosely. Otherwise, you have to lose your precious darling, your life."

2 minutes later 

"Hey….Hello. Wake up. See the clock!" My calm ears were suddenly disturbed.

"What the hell! Let me talk with Sushant sir."

"Are you drunk?" My mother shouted.

I opened my imaginary eyes and glanced at the goldy wall clock. It was 10:00 Am.

"Where are you, sir?" I whispered.

But no one responded.

I just could smile a little and saw the hand-drawn of picture Sushant sir. I waved good-bye to him.

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