Siva Aravindan

Horror Crime Thriller


Siva Aravindan

Horror Crime Thriller

The Town of Bascilia - Chapter 2

The Town of Bascilia - Chapter 2

3 mins


The set of beliefs based on certain attributes led a person to associate with his/her identity. With a failure to connect to reality, the process is a complex string on the verge of extinction and what follows is a crisis and unrest.

 The town of Bascilia housed sheer diversity of various ethnic and religious groups with varied interests and beliefs. There was a sect of subjugated population who remained on the land as refugees who were basically housed in dilipated buildings of the housing schemes. 

 He stood there as a stranger in front of his mirror wondering if it was some kind of disorder but it wasn't. He was battling between his aims and roles in the society. A way of life, that stressed his life and made him feel insecure with every phase of transition. The governance was shallow herded on by people with dogmatic ideals and who imitated lifestyles trying to adapt to a new way of living destroying the cultural lineage. 

There were a number of them like him on the streets claiming back a hollow promise that was never existent. They were economically frustrated, sexually frustrated and were domestically repressed who were on the verge of turning into violent radicals. There was an identity crisis which turned out to be a nightmare.

 He was busy with his eyes glued onto his microscope eyepiece observing the transgenic insect bots of widely varying shapes. These nano scale programmable bots are capable of surviving in extreme weather conditions.

These multipurpose bots are invisible and untraceable to the naked eye. They are smaller than strands of hair.

 He had plans in his mind. His silhouette glistened under the florescent lamps. He was happy upon the success of his first trial run. With inhalable microparticles infested in air by his bots he watched his lab mice dropping dead. 

 With a smile of contempt, he made his way out putting off the lights behind. He walked downhill to the lake that was four miles away from there. The little mount lake was the source of drinking water and livelihood for the people of Bascilia. 

He shoved the hands in his pockets looking for his pack of cigars as the cold weather made him shiver and he desperately needed some warmth. He paused few feet away from the shore and looked around to ensure none was there. He slowly unveiled the laser remote and pressed a button on it. The insect bots of various shapes made their way into the shallow waters. Few of the bots made their way into the air almost invisible.

Without looking back he made his way back in the dark. Answering to a call brusquely in an overtone he walked at his own pace. 

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