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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Kenroy Mclean

Romance Fantasy


Kenroy Mclean

Romance Fantasy

The Touch of a Rose

The Touch of a Rose

9 mins 337 9 mins 337

 That afternoon when Jacob was speeding the highway home from work; he accidentally hit a girl crossing the road.

So frightened he immediately pressed on brakes and went to look at her.

 She was stunning in beauty. Jacobs's heart was pumping I love at first sight. "Are you. okay miss?" Her eyes were fire red around the iris and her red hair was tall and reaching around her waist on the ground.

 Jacob took her up by her soft and warm arms. The red dress she was wearing was admirable hot and sparkling.

 "Are you hurt?" He said ."I am so so sorry that I hit you with my car...I was speeding"

She had bruises on her leg and on one of her arms. What could a girl so pretty do on a lonely highway in the middle of nowhere? Jacob wondered to himself.

 "Oh God your arm and legs have cuts and bruises !.."he was kinda fearful that someone would have seen him hit her with his car or worst wreck some other guys prom date and then little you know it a choppa will be waving after his head or an axe be thrown at him-worst case scenario.

The girl did not say a word at all but stared into his eyes. Her perfume was that of Roses.

 "Please let me help you. My home is a few minutes away from here. there I can plaster your wounds..." Not only was Jacob trying to get to know her but he didn't want an insurance charge.

 She walked off to the vehicle with Jacob's help. He took her home to his house where he took care of her wounds and cooked her a lovely meal. 

They sat apart in the hall facing each other. She was staring into his eyes. For a moment Jacob was a love balloon as every organ in his body was in the spell of love. If he doesn't get himself under control he might end up doing something rude-like kissing ...He doesn't want to offend her in any sort of way cause he has a reputation to keep.

 " name is Jacob...what's yours?" he asked.

The girl smiled and lit up heaven before replying "My name is Rosa" - a very good explanation for her everything red and the fragrance.

"Wow that's a lovely name...can I just call you Rose?"

"Of course you can. after all. they are the same. Jacob is a very handsome name too" Her voice was like the whispers of wind; gentle and soft.

Jacob was flattered to his soul "Um...thank you very much. So where are you from Rose?" He asked.

"The meadows. " she said."I am from the gardens of the meadow"

Jacob was puzzled because he can't remember houses in the meadow or simply anyone living there. He laughed

"So you are telling me that you are from the meadow gardens? I never knew that people are living there's been a while since I last been there"

  "No there's no house in the meadow gardens. What are you talking about?" They giggled.

"Nothing" Jacob replied "just that you said that you are from the meadow and that means your house would be there... right? Jacob was trying to get his thoughts and words together.

"Yes, but No. We don't live in homes like this. You have been there before. I remember you with your spouts"

 "Spouts. oh we broke up a long time ago but I do remember on a picnic there but I just can't remember seeing you anywhere" he replied

 "No worry. you'll in due time." Rose said. "You are quite a handsome boy; you haven't change much in your looks since I last saw you "

Jacob was so flattered. he began rubbing the back of his head.

"Your are gorgeous yourself " he declared "anyways how are you feeling right now are those cuts hurting?"

"No they aren't. I will be ok though. I will heal myself. It's quite dark outside." She said staring out the window." how can I find my way back?"

 Same time a brilliant idea came in Jacob's head; hmm hopefully it works.   He said

 "Or...maybe you could stay here tonight..."

 "Really?!" She asked.

"Yes. I have extra rooms. can stay in one for the night"

He made her a bed in one of the rooms and laid her to sleep before heading off to take a shower.

 The next morning when Jacob woke. Rose was already up and around the back yard. At first he thought she was gone without a goodbye but he was wrong ,instead he got the most unexplainable surprise.

Just yesterday his gardens were dry and dead but now; now they are flourishing with beautiful blooming tulips and other flowers but the most prestigious thing however,was to see Rose sitting on the lawn talking and playing with butterflies. which flew off when Jacob came on the scene.

 " did you so that? You have no idea how long I've been trying to get back these gardens blooming!"

  "Lets  just say magic. Would you believe me?" She said. Jacob thought for a minute.


 "Depends; and I just saw you speaking with butterflies..." he replied. "What are you?"

  She smiled and said "you will know at sundown"

 "What's going on at sun down ." He asked curiously.

"I'll be going back home to the gardens. I can only stay for a day the most. " she said in a sad tone.

 "Well then I'll have to make you experience something outside of the gardens then. " he said.

"Really and what's that?"

  Jacob brought her on to town for the most adventurous moment-Coast Cruise on a boat.

They ate and enjoyed celebration of a good time with champagne, music and dancing. It was amazing; Rose loved it.

At 5 pm they unboarded the boat and stood together in the park.

 "So did you have a good time today?" Jacob asked. "You are so beautiful; never knew you could dance so good."

 "It was gorgeous. Absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me. This world is so interesting and fun ,than sitting in the garden all  day . all year around." She replied .It was like magnet pulling them together...they were very close to each other. "I do love it here.Wish I could stay alittle longer. in this town. with all these lovely people and...and..." She stuttered staring into his eyes.Automatically they pulled alittle closer .So close that she could smell his beer breath-awsome and Jacob could also smell hers like honey. "And you ..."  She said

Jacob was so In love.Just wanted to grab her and kissed her safely for a length 10 minutes.

 "Rose do you really have to go?You know spending those few hours with you, I found the fullness of my attraction towards you. You are so beautiful in red and your eyes,hair, nails and you make me laugh in happy cheers. I gotta admit; I LOVE YOU ROSE. I really do!"

 She stares deeper into his eyes and pulled her body even closer to his then placed her warm palm on his cheeks.

" Jacob. I fell in love with you from the very first time I saw you. You hitting me with your car wasn't an accident-well it was for you. but for me it was a dream come true. Just to meet you in person; just to touch you and to..."

 Rose pulled her lips up to his. Then and there a warm shock wave rushed through his entire body; every hair on his body raised ,his body trembled and he swallowed loudly.

She kissed him. with her hands on his face. Jacob could do nothing but indulge-after all that's what he has always wanted to do. For a moment everything in his sight became red with the love nature of her color. It was like a magnet pulling them closer and closer. deeper and deeper not wanting to let go off each other or end the kiss 

 "The Sun is going down now " she informed

. "I gotta go now Jacob. I love you. You are my butterfly". She then did the most unpredicted thing ever; ran off.

Jacob was planning on taking her there by car but she chose her own game-on foot.

  "Rose!Rose!Rose!" He yelled and ran after her. "Wait ! Rose wait!". Jacob chased after her for a while until he lost her red hair in the crowded market.At the same time he remembered about his car and went for it at the near by parking building. He then drove off full speed to the forest meadows without even paying the car keeper guy.

 When he got there he saw her laying on the side bank of the high way.He parked his car and ran out to her rescue.

"Rose?!. Rose?!" He called out kneeling on the ground with his hands on her face. "Rose are you ok?!" There was no reply at all and her eyes were closed.Jacob thought she was dead and broke down in tears resting his head on her chest.

 A few moments later she twitched and forcefully utter the words "Jacob. Jacob don't cry"

 So happy he dried his tears immediately.

"Yes Rose ...Rose are you ok?!"

  "Not in this body.I have to change forms." It was obvious that she was fighting to speak.

 "What...what can I do to help you get better?" Jacob asked in panic and tears fill eyes.

"The meadow... garden. Take me there"

She replied

Jacob immediately scooped her up in his arms cross way and hurried off to the garden. There he laid her in the midst beside the Tulips,Dahlia, Gazania and Orchid plants.

 "I've reached my home ..." She whispered in his hearing.

He has outraged "Home ?! Here?!...I don't understand"

 "You don't have to understand at all...I love you Jacob and will never forget you." And that was her last words and breath.

 "I love you too Rose " he kissed her already cold lips for the last time as tears spill from his eyes all over her.

Few seconds after,something magical happened. something that shocked Jacob eyes and melted his heart.In the light of the Moon her dead body  transformed and grew into a beautiful Rose tree with a sparkling red flower on top

."I won't forget you!" he said for the last time.

Back home Jacob was still in love as the sweet perfume of her was still on the sheets that she slept, and the beauty of his gardens which were once dead now alive and blooming reminded him all about Rose. He also took pleasure to buy alot of pot Rose from the store and placed them all over his yard and hang paintings of them in his house and room.

 If you saw it. you'd say 'this guy is really obsessed with roses!' but in the Jacob's reality, he was just simply doing everything to secure the treature in memory of a touch;THE TOUCH OF A ROSE.


  --THE END--


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