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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Kenroy Mclean

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Kenroy Mclean

Children Stories Children

The Moon And The Sun

The Moon And The Sun

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Have you ever looked into the sky on a bright sunny day and wonder to yourself what in God's name is the Moon doing there?

Well if you have, I would love to tell a story to you.

It happened a long time ago when the rulers of time stood side by side over the Earth...

The Sun was happy and playing with the birds hide and seek behind the clouds;

But the Moon was sad and lonely.

"What's wrong with you friend?" Asked sun.

"Oh am so sad and lonely.No one wants to play with me... everyone locks themselves away from me," Moon replied.

When Sun heard what Moon had said. She was moved with pity and was also sad.

"Please don't say that. Everyone loves you. You are important...very important." Said Sun

"Why shouldn't I, when am not big, bright, and beautiful as you."Moon Scrolled "the birds play with you and every creature likewise. Plants love when you are around because you make them grow and bloom. you push so much energy and a positive vibe and you are second to none. You make your own light which is powerful that where ever it shines get lit up with brightness. I don't bring peace and warmth of summer."

"But why would you be sad and lonely when you have billions of twinkling friends with you?" Sun asked

Moon was outraged, "The stars are no company. They are so far away and silent. Whenever I try to talk to them, I have to shout but still, they can't hear me."

"But what about the owls? aren't they the wisest and sing at nights?" Sun asked.

" Yes they do ?" replied Moon "but they rather lock away and hide in the woods.No one likes me, am just not good enough. I wish I was like you Sun."

"Please don't say that. It's not true..."

Sun knew that it was true for sure and broke down in sorry for her poor friend Moon.

She spent the rest of the time thinking of what could be done to help him feel better; she thought, and she thought until one brilliant idea came. Sun then called out to the Moon and told him the plan she had in mind.

He was very very happy but a little bit curious as to how the plan will work.

"Won't that be illegal? You want me to breakthrough time ?" he asked

"No, it won't be illegal. It will be fun for sure though" Sun replied. Moon was pleased.

When the time came for the shifting of time on Earth, With help of the Sun, Moon was able to cross over into the world of light. Breaking the rule and format of time.

"Oh, Sun thank you. You are the greatest friend ever of all time." Moon expressed.

"No prob that's what friends do right? Now let me introduce you to my world and time."

She introduced him to everything, showed him the birds and all creatures. It was a pleasure to The Moon, the greatest thing that had ever happened to him.

Stand still and know that this was not a one-day show; to them, it was just fun but on Earth, it was a phenomenon, one that revolutionized time.

...The End...

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