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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Kenroy Mclean

Children Stories Inspirational Children


Kenroy Mclean

Children Stories Inspirational Children



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Once there was a wealthy king name Nathaniel. He had countless amounts of precious gems of all kinds, gold,silver and alot of diamonds.

  King Nathaniel also had thousands of cattle's in horses ,cows and camels;

He had expensive fabrics and sheets, dozens of servants and maidens ,a wonderful castle, a huge kingdom spreading for thousands of miles on all sides, but most of all a beautiful family.

  Nathaniel was very kind and loved to help the poor and needed citizens of his kingdom - he nearly had no enemies...I said nearly because, there was one name Tallo ,the Prince of Shiah.

  Tallo was a very wicked and meen leader over his people and most of all jealous of his friend,king Nathaniel.

  The time came when the King would keep his annual Royal Gala. Nathaniel called up all the other Royal Families and invited the to the event. Tallo was among the invited guesses and,he as usual had a terrible plan against the King.

 While the Gala was on going ,the castle hall was filled with laughter and Chatting as the Royals met and greeted each other.The sweet melody of the harps ,violins and the trumps playing in the background;there were dancing, singing and lots of celebrations.

 Prince Tallo on the other hand weren't in the celebration mood,but at the Gala to perform his long lasting task,the one he thought he should have done a long time ago- and , that's to kill the king,take over the kingdom and marry the queen.

He sneaked his way into the kitchen area and paid one of the servants 25 peices of silvers and a diamond heart gem to poison the king's dished food. The servant was glad to do it for the money.

. Luckily,Prince Demario saw him exiting the kitchen and knew that he did something terrible. The king's son rushed into the kitchen and swapped the poison food ,with Tallo's , before heading back out into the event.

 After the appetizer were served,a trolly of Dinners were brought out by the many servants. Prince Demario sat at his table between his father ,the King and ,his mother the Queen. He was staring over at Tallo on the other side of the hall with,a horrible grin on his face.

it's a pity he didn't knew that his own wicked plan was a few minutes back to him. They all began to eat the delicious prepared meal of rice and Chicken with lots of Champagne refills.

After about two minutes into supper and nothing wasn't happening to the king ,Prince Tallo was curious and worried as to why his plan didn't work. A short while after he himself started feeling sick with a terrible belly ache. Before anyone could realise that something was wrong with him and call the doctor; Tallo fell off his chair to the ground in a seizure.

 His eyes were white and he was vomiting his guts out and blood was spilling from his nostrils. Right there and them as his vain started turning visible purple through his skin .The doctor was trying to stabilize him,Tallo regretted been evil and meen.

Every wrong thing that he had done were flashing back into his memories and, most of all been jealous of King Nathaniel's life and family. What shocked everyone was when he began to confess all his dirty deeds and that he tried to kill kill the king by poisoning his food but instead he got the poison . Every one was surprised as to some of the evilness Prince Tallo did.

 When he was finish confessing ,his heart stopped and he was dead. The Gala was disrupted ,but thank God, the King was saved.

Massage of the Story;Never be jealous of another man's life and things,and ;don't be evil and meen to the people around you- or anyone for the matter of fact. Why? Because,every evil thing you do will turn back and harm you. Be kind, be greatfull for the little you got ,and;the many things you don't have because ,in the blink of an eye ,you could loose everything you already got and ,the things you don' will have no more chances of getting them. 


" JEALOUSy is a disease ,that can only be cured with a vaccine call Greatfullness" Kenroy Mclean

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