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Chinmoy Nath

Abstract Drama


Chinmoy Nath

Abstract Drama

The Time Warp

The Time Warp

5 mins

"True radiations can never be stopped until and unless the body temperature is reduced to ZERO. Change is the ultimate truth. No one can stop the flow of new ideas rupturing the human brain for high-caliber living.

But it’s a big question, is the human race going ahead or going back to the age of Adams? If we compare the hustle- bustle of this high tech century with the ancient time in Joanvera, there was much peace”.

As the dark tall man was narrating a tale to a crowd of attendants a shadow emerged from nowhere in the arena.


“Samuel, Samuel… …..listen to me. Please listen to my words. You’ll not be able to survive in these extreme zero climatic conditions. Please go away, please. This is not your world".

“All that makes a man a civilized beast, which differentiates me from an animal, was snatched away from me. Why? Was I such a sinister whose judgment can’t be given by the worldly system where nature had to interfere? No Roger I will not leave. I know, I am not welcomed in this alien world, but even so, I will not leave. Don’t force me Roger… ……..or else, the results may be death-dealing".

For some time, the entire ice-covered terrain girded graveyard silence.


The collision of multiple dimensions, a fact that can never be imagined to come into reality has now crossed a threshold level.

Joanvera, situated on the eastern part of the globe was a place of exotic beauty where sadness seldom peeps. Nature has blessed this place compassionately and is the second Eve’s garden.

Nobody had ever imagined, that a strike would plunge the entire area into chaos. At length, a day came when the civilization in Joanvera rose to its peak. Numerous refashioning and alterations were brought about around the entire globe. Despite this revamping, nature lost its indigenous attractiveness. The climate cycle took a different turn as if was controlled keeping nature in chains.


“See Roger, I am on the last stage of the project. If this completes, you can escape from this artificial world which I believe will end so soon. The Oxygen level in the atmosphere is decreasing interminably. Ya, we indeed have immune ourselves from all kinds of odds, still, we are not Gods”.

By hearing these words of Samuel, Roger guessed that a dangerous idea is going to manifest”.

“Samuel, I know you better than anyone. Why only do you feel that you have to protect the entire globe? Why?”

“It’s not only me Roger, there are several others in the globe who have a belief that they can save the globe whatever the worst may be the condition. Have you noticed the extinction of different species of flora and fauna from Joanvera in the last centuries? We the inhabitants of Joanvera believe that we are the most advanced and civilized of all other homo sapiens. Why then, do we fail Roger? Why?

All the technicians and the scientists present in the grand laboratory were awestruck by the gigantic artifact. Samuel switched on the core part of the system and an evil smile dazzled on his face. Adjusting the outlets and activating the cosmic panel he announced,

“All the thermal energy in the globe will immerse in the mechanical loch, and

 as we all know “Energy can never be created nor be destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another”, Samuel Johnson along with my subordinates is going to reverse map the entire globe”.

The system started 10…09…….08……07…….06……05….04……..03……02…….01……00»»»»»»»»»»»»   Booooomm and the entire globe witnessed an instant colossal blast.

The evening sun made eerie shapes in the second Eve’s garden and eventually, darkness crept into the entire paradise.

The forceful reversal of calefaction predicted the end of the orbital. A sudden bright light in high amount faded everybody’s retinal imprints. Samuel came back to his senses and with big round eyes looked all around, and found nobody near him.

Samuel touched his face with both palms and was nonplussed at such an unanticipated encounter. He shouted terrifically,

“How can it be possible, how I was left alone? Who is the black sheep? Damn it####. My time projection was towards the beginning of this orb. I am feeling very cold, where are the others”. He never realized his reverse mapping could part his cellular body and the energy with which they were bound together. And it did happen which was never imagined, never was calculated.

On the other hand, the entire population of Joanvera discovered themselves in extreme zero climatic conditions. Several people couldn't bear the dramatic climatic apocalypse. But they received a warm welcome in the new world and an instant adaption.

“We’ll keep on seeing his energy field till each quantum vanishes in the space. We are not in an alien world; in fact, Samuel himself is lost somewhere in space and time. Till the time he realizes it, his existence will vanish entirely”, Roger spoke with a deep sigh.

We are the masters of our destiny. It’s we who can build a better world. Roger noticed the drastic change in the climatic conditions of Joanvera which they call the orb, in the last decade and was sure that it was not a natural occurrence. It was a matter of artificial time warp. He spied the dangerous pursuit.

Unable to stop the coming havoc, Roger secretly programmed a turnaround ellipse in the projects created by Samuel. He believed that although he couldn’t save Joanvera but can build a better orb if projected towards the beginning.

Because of his inability to bring the orb out of projected turmoil, it was unknown to Roger whether people will acclimatize to increasingly extreme zero climatic conditions. How will life flourish once again in the new terrain?

The same crisis prevailed as it was at the end of Joanvera. Lack of food and fight for survival were common issues. But now, the devastating wave is gone.

Filling in time, nature was at her peak, blending the wild blooms with various shades of green. Was it the beginning of a new era? Roger wondered, "Was this a time travel!"

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