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The Story Of That Kulfiwala

The Story Of That Kulfiwala

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There are great people who do small things which leaves huge impact in others life.

Such is the story of this kulfiwala.

This kulfiwala used to sell kulfis to the kulfis of the kids in the village. These kids were not literate, they were not allowed to study.

The kulfiwala used to go every day and say that this is the first kulfi of the Monday of the month January. He used to put the banners and change it every day.

He was never able to sell more than 2 kulfis as all the kids couldn't afford it.

But he used to come daily to the village.

One day a small student came and asked for a kulfi and the kulfiwala smiled and said this is your one kulfi, if you eat one more tomorrow it will be two.

The kid didn't understand why the kulfiwala was talking all about this. He then went home and told this incident to his mother.

Next day his mother came along with him to get the kulfi, the kulfiwala repeated what he does each day.

Seeing this the mother shred tears and said- " I know you, you are the principal of the school outside this city, and as we are not sending the kids to school, you are trying to teach them by selling kulfi.

The kulfiwala said, I am just trying my part of work. As a principal I am not intended to look at the students in the school, but I always want this whole village to develop and I'll do what best I can with my abilities.

Listening this the women felt happy and said she will send all the kids to you when you come here to sell the kulfi, you can teach them for the little time they can be with you. I will also try to speak to other people of the village and will change their mind to send their kids to school.

The kulfiwala was content with the lady's word and he left happily promising to continue his work.

Few people do beyond their duties to serve others.

A beautiful message to learn.

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